Thursday, October 8, 2009


Most women remember the very first date they went on. I know I definitely remember mine and very likely for reasons far different from what you might expect.
My first date was set up by my cousin, Lyle. His girlfriend (Carol, his wife now for many years) had a brother visiting who was in the Navy and older than me. I had just turned 18 years old. There was some talk with my parents and it was agreed that it would be a double date. I was nervously excited as I had never been on a date before, and here was this handsome older (but not by much) sailor taking me out! The evening started off with the four of us going to a restaurant to have dinner. It was nice and I did not have to make a lot of conversation because of eating so I felt comfortable.
Afterwards we went back to Carol's place and Lyle and Carol took off and left me with her brother (I, for the life of me, cannot recall his name. Maybe a mental block!!) Sailor suggested we go to see a movie, so we got into his vehicle and he drove to a theatre. Now, at 18 years of age, I weighed only 98 pounds and looked about 15 or 16. The theater was showing an R rated movie and would not let me in because I did not look 18 to them and I had no ID to prove it. So we tried another theatre and had the same experience. Sailor suggested a drive-in theatre (lots of those then in S. Calif) as he figured they would be less likely to ask for ID. I was feeling rather foolish and embarrassed and prayed that we could get in. Fortunately they were showing a Disney movie and I was admitted--yahoo!
We found a spot, hung the speaker on the window, and settled down to wait for the movie to start. There was music playing and we chatted some, but being shy, I was finding it very difficult to keep a conversation going, and even more difficult to make it interesting.
I kept remembering my dad's comments about boys "being after one thing" and was feeling nervous and wary.
When the movie started, I settled in to watch it and felt thankful to have the break from trying to keep a conversation going. All was going well until Sailor moved a little closer to me (the front seat was a bench seat). I felt butterflies in my tummy and heard my heart beating in my ears.
After about 20 minutes he reached one arm up and placed it around my shoulders.
I froze, held my breath and felt so anxious and terrified...what was he doing? What was he going to do? What should I do? Is he going to try to kiss me? What do I do if he does?

All the turmoil going through my thoughts was affecting me and suddenly I whispered, "I don't feel...." and then I leaned forward and puked all over the floorboard.

Well, he immediately withdrew his arm (who wouldn't!?), muttered something about getting some napkins and vanished.
I felt so utterly embarrassed. Why did I do that? What do I say?
What must he think of me?
Oh Lord, I will never live this down!!
Sailor returned and, as I dashed off to escape to the bathroom, he cleaned the mess.
I sat in a bathroom stall silently crying, threw up again, washed my face and hands several times, and finally relented to the fact that I must return to the car. I could not hide out all night in the bathroom, and he might eventually come searching for me anyways. Then I would look even more immature and silly.
I finally returned to the car avoiding eye contact and muttered a soft "I'm sorry."
He announced that he was taking me home since I did not "feel good." The silence on the drive was awkward!! But what could I say!
When we arrived at my home, he got out, opened my door, and then said "Bye" as he hopped back in and left. He did not even walk me to the door. Of course, I did not blame him. I could hardly have expected a hug or a kiss after that!!!
When I entered the house, my mother was there and she said she was surprised to see me home so early. With that statement, I burst into tears and between sobs eventually got the whole story out. I can remember looking at my mom at one point and she was smiling and then started to laugh a little! Okay, now looking back, I do find it very funny, but for me then, this was traumatic. I announced that no one will ever want me, and that I was going to become a nun. Mom, a bit of laughter in her voice, simply answered this statement, "Rose, we are not even Catholic!" She then kept reassuring me that all would be well, that I would eventually be okay and that this was not the end of the world. She said my next date would be better.
Now, I would like to say that my next date was better but.....yes, I did it again!!
The young man (in post A Blushing Rose, Wednesday, February 25, 2009) must have liked me because he asked me out again after I had adorned his floorboard with my stomachs contents! And he asked me out even after I did the same thing a 2nd and 3rd time!!
Yes, I did finally stop the retching and settled down to realize he was not going to attack me or hurt me. In fact, he always treated me like a lady!
We did not stay together, but did stay friends for a long time, and when he met my husband, who I was engaged to at the time, he told him that I was a "sweet lady" and the one he "never had." For a guy to admit that is unusual!! They usually brag about conquests whether true or not!
Yea, that first date was memorable...what was yours like?


  1. YOu poor baby! Your mom should have made sure you carried a plastic bag when you left home.

    My first date? My second cousin twice removed who I met at my great-uncle's funeral. He took me to his high-school homecoming football game. As we were driving to the game, we passed a field with a great blue heron in it. Nervous, feeling awkward with this cute stranger, I wanted to say, "Oh, look. There's a heron in the field." What burst from my lips was, "Birdy!" I could have died!

  2. Poor Rose! I can't remember my first date. My friend Damon and I started going to movies as friends in around the 10th grade with his mother driving us (neither of us had a license and we lived in the country). Later I found out that he though of me as more than a friend, so maybe to him this was dating. My senior year I started dating a guy named Mike from work, but I don't remember the first date. Basically all I remember from most of my dates is being really nervous and uncomfortable.

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  4. Oh my, vomiting will get them everytime! Great post! I am sorry I laughed...especially about the part of you being a nun:)

  5. My first date was to a Sadie Hawkins dance where I asked him. I think my experience might have been a bit better than yours. :)

  6. I actually had food poisoning at a Theatre/Speech camp one summer and met a boy there who I dated for a short while...he also put up with my vomiting...Never stayed in touch but I think about him and wonder where he is....first kiss too. I was 16.

  7. Too funny / Sad. Brought back memories of some party in 5th or 6th grade where we all had to go into a little room and kiss somebody...LOL / it was awful! :)