Saturday, November 14, 2009


I love autumn. The world around me is draped in such brilliant color that it fills me with inspiration to capture its beauty with my camera. I seek texture, contrast, color and shape. Even the dying plant life provides beauty with its stark contrast. The shock of the luminous gold or vibrant orange amazes me and fills me with awe. I want to shout, "Isn't it remarkable!"
Open your eyes and witness it!

The dazzling multi-hued scenery convinces me that God is an artist! Who else but a gifted artist would create such magnificence!
And I am so very thankful that he shares his astounding gift of creation us all. So, when you are battling traffic and feeling frustrated, glance out your window, notice the vibrant beauty splashed along the way, smile, and say thank you!

Thank you Lord!


  1. Rocking photos, Rose! What a prayer of praise.

  2. Rose, you are an artist with the camera. Next year you absolutely must enter the Oregonian's garden photo contest.

    I particularly like the seed head (echinacea?)and the leaf against the green grass.