Monday, December 14, 2009

IS THAT DASHER??????????

I had quite the weekend. I spent the greater part of it with little Brogan on a sleepover! His parents were going out of town overnight and I, Nana Rose, was chosen (Grandma Sue was busy) to watch over him. I think his parents were a little worried as he had not taken much of a nap and seemed to be a bit moody. But when they said good bye and walked out the door, he cried maybe a total of ten seconds. We set in to playing with a toy right away, and when mommy snuck back in twice for something she'd forgotten, she witnessed his quick recovery.
Brogan showed me how to make a beaded necklace and wear it with style....

he read a book to me using very odd sounds...

built a tall tower (with a little help from Nana Rose)...

and ate his dinner showing me he had an almost endless appetite...
still managing to maintain his cuteness!!!
Brogan can find his head and his mouth...
and show me how TALL he is!!!
As you can see, Brogan also proved that you can fit a square peg in a round hole, or in this case, a star peg into a circle! FORCE IT!!!!
When Brogan was tucked into bed, I discovered I had a bed mate. As you can see, Maddie decided to keep me safe and warm. She is also part bed hog as she kept pushing me over further and further until my tush was hanging off the edge. Maddie needs plenty of leg room!
During the night when I got up to drain my radiator (a saying I acquired from my father!) I had almost forgotten where I was and was startled by THE HEAD. I almost drained it right there in the bed!!!
When I came back into the room, all I could think was,
"Is that Dasher??"
Christina and Weston returned to their bouncing boy Brogan just as he was dozing off in his high chair after finishing his lunch, and while I was washing dishes. Of course, Maddie's loud welcoming barks woke Brogan and he was then a bundle of energy! When I left about 1 1/2 hours later he was still awake!
From here I headed out to a party!
That is in the next blog post!!


  1. Awwww, is he the cutest or what? he seems like such a happy little guy.

  2. A trophy buck in the bedroom? That seems - um- freudian.

    Nana Rose is a life-saver. What a dear you are, and what a cutie Brogan is!