Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sunday, Dec. 13th, the Writers club got together for a "Christmas potluck, game playing, reading and lots of chatting" party.   There was about 18 people there and it was very cozy since the home had a small livingroom (fine for a family of 4, not 18!). We had lots of good food, and, as you can see, most of the males jumped right in!  It was like a pride of lions headed to devour the kill!
Everyone enjoyed the bountiful feast.



We even fed some poor skinny waif clad in a knit cap and mismatched clothing (not really-that is Kenton, the future theoretical particle physicist, soon off to OSU).

We listened to clever re-writings of old Christmas favorites...

and laughed quite a bit!
Kenton was awarded a book of mugshots to remember us all as he heads off to more scholarly pursuits.
We enjoyed an unusual card game, which I believe was called Apples to Apples. It was fun and caused some boisterious debates and much hearty laughter.Hmmm...Jessica looks rather like Stan Laurel!
It's that funny? Someone seems to be having fun!!

Which one should we use???
No, not that card, that card!!
We discovered that Professor Kenton (aka Spock) is afraid of children.
But he soon came to realize that they do not have cooties and can be quite cuddly.

We enjoyed frivolity, witnessed Jack fall asleep standing up (or is he imitating a china man?), and saw Devon show us how to pose for a magazine cover while wearing a bikini (he did not have the bikini handy).

Athena demonstrated how to style hair, and Kyleen unveiled her new look, which I think is very attractive on her.  Even I enjoyed the evening with fellow club members and my "adopted" children.