Friday, February 26, 2010


I was informed that my niece, Megan, won a contest for the best poem at her school in Southern California for this poem she wrote about the Holocaust.  Her poem will now go on to the next competition among all the schools in the area.  I am a proud auntie!!

A memory of a song
I sang throughout my life
A song of joys and sorrows
Of the importance of human life

A memory of a childhood
So short in being sweet
Of a time when I was taken
My family and me

A memory of a place
Where some people were so cruel
To those who were a little different
To those like me and you

A memory of a question
Placed inside a guards head
One that would mean the difference
If I lived or if I was dead

A memory of a fear
That many I knew shared
The fear of not surviving
Even if we weren't scared

A memory of a taking
Of my friends and fellow Jews
Of what was to become of them
If I only knew

A memory of a song
Sung by all my friends
To keep hope and faith inside their hearts
For the people they would meet again


  1. How wonderful for both of you. I'm not sure how old your niece is but she shows wisdom and sensitivity beyond her years. A very moving poem and I'm sure everyone is extremely proud. I enjoyed all your latest poems published here. Your work is really growing. I'm proud of you my friend Rose. Wish I had a bouquet to give you.

  2. Wonderful poem and this makes me marvel again at this wonderful thing we call the internet. The power to share!

  3. That's so cool! You must be a very proud auntie!