Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ever since writing the Death poem, I have been doing a lot of thinking. 
We never know when we will die (unless we plan to take our own lives), but suppose you were to know.  Suppose a doctor told you that you had one month left.  Would you change the way you live, the way you treat people and interact with them?
I thought about how I have lived up till now.  I have always tried to be kind and considerate of everyone.  I have tried to greet others with a smile.  If someone is upset or sad, I try to be a good listener and give them a shoulder to cry on should they need it.  And I am always open to giving hugs. 
I do not think I would change the way I am with others. 
But I would want to give something to each friend and family member as a memento to remember me by.  It may be just one of my poems, or a trinket, or a photograph of mine....nothing really valuable, just a token, something that, when they view it, would bring thoughts of me into their hearts.  We all hope to be remembered after we are gone.  I want to be remembered with joy.  I do not want tears to continually flow long after I am gone.
I think I might even write a "letter" to each beloved family member to let them each know how special they are to me.  I would definitely go to spend time with them.  This would be a gift to myself as well as to them.  I am nto sure if we get to carry memories with us after we pass on, but if we do (and I hope we do) I want to have those memories of being with my family.
I do hope the Lord will allow us to carry with us the joy of our loves of our life, the memories of happy times, and the love we shared.
That would make my Heaven.


  1. I believe we do make our heaven and the love and joy is what we take with us.

    Beautiful thoughts Rose, and it's so much better to have them when still alive and vibrant. Live long and prosper!

  2. Wisdom shines through you. Blessings!

  3. You wouldn't have to give me anything, Rose. Each time I look at a picture of Gutter Kitty I will think of you because you were so kind to her even when she was old and sick and dirty. You already gave me the best memento. :)

  4. Wow, Rose. I've been contemplating the very same thought. What if you knew you when you were going to die?

    Is there something about this month that brings images of mortality?

    Beautiful picture. Beautiful thoughts. I'm glad we'll be able to continue our chats in heaven.