Saturday, March 20, 2010


Can you feel it?  Spring!  The other day on campus one of my fellow employees was gazing out a window.  He smiled and pointed, saying, "spring is in the air."  I looked out the window to where he was pointing to view a young couple exchanging a kiss.  Spring always seems to be associated with love. 
I have noticed the birds chasing each other through the trees, ducks setting up housekeeping, and bees busily starting to gather pollen from new blossoms.  Love!
I love how the trees are starting to take on new colors, leaves starting to bud out, and skies showing more blue than clouds. 
This past weekend I had taken a walk just to spy some of the emerging signs of spring.
A tree in my front yard exploded in white blossoms barely tinged with a peach hue.  I am told it is a star magnolia, but not being an expert, I just call it lovely.

On the Clackamas Community College campus they have a few beautiful trees with huge white blossoms.  I pass by them each day I go from my car to my office, and they make me smile. 
I took a shot of one flower before it fully opened and while it was ardorned with rain.  So fresh and so new.
Sprinkled around campus are bushes and trees beginning to blossom with sprays of golden flowers.  The splash of color brightens up the landscape.  It is like the sun kissed the foilage.
I smile everytime I view this bright beginning, this rebirth after a time of hibernation.  It makes my heart feel lighter and more thankful.  Sometimes winter causes us to forget the joy and beauty of nature, even though it is always around us, just a little less obvious.  Spring slaps us in the face with splashes of brilliant color.  We cannot help but notice it.  It leaps out at us and says, "Hey!  Look at me!"   We look and we smile and our hearts dance like newborn lambs frolicking in a field of clover. 
So dance through my photographs, and next time you are out and about, notice your natural surroundings, listen to the birds, and watch the flight of the bees.     In otherwords, stop and smell the flowers!  Tomorrow I am going to celebrate the official first day of spring with friends.  I hope you all will have some way to celebrate its birth in mind, heart and spirit.  Happy spring to you all!


  1. Ahh, and happy,happy spring to you, too. What lovely photos!

  2. Lovely photos, Rose! I always enjoy your photography.

  3. I'm remembering a day on the bus mall years ago when I saw a boy pigeon bobbing and posturing to attract the attention of the girl pigeons, and behind him was a young man in red sneakers and a dark grey hoodie, bobbing and rocking to his walkman while a bunch of giggling girls watched and admired. Ah spring!

  4. Since the heavens have clouded over, your pictures are a reminder of hope and that longer days of sunshine are just ahead.
    Thanks for the beauty.