Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday I attended a seminar for work.  It was held at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR.  It was about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from where I live (Mapquest said 1 hour 4 min. but did not take into account the traffic).  It took me onto the 205 and the 5 Fwys (I hate freeways) and through part of Portland.  I should have taken country roads for less traffic and more scenery.  But I did arrive safely with only one moment of being lost, and that was because the college itself lacks signage.  I won't go on about the seminar.  I just want to say what a lovely campus it was, especially with all the blooming plants.  When the seminar was over, I wandered for a little while to enjoy the spring scents and scenes.  While snapping photos, a professor who works there wandered over and said he was glad to see someone enjoying the beauty. We chatted, and he showed me the oldest building on the campus, pointing out that each of the three floors had a different architectural feature over the windows.  Here is the picture of that building. 
It has a bell tower on top and every half hour the bells ring.
They are quite melodic!

I found the building to be quite interesting.  It had nice architectural features and I saw more when I spent more time gazing at it.

I love features like this on buildings as it adds character.  I loved the "hearts."
Another building had some unique features.

The archway over the doorway, and the brickwork designs above the windows were subtle and nice.
I saw a unique relief on another building (which seemed to be more design that a specific reference piece) and a quote on another building.  In one area there are metal scupltures of "students" enjoying a park-like area of the campus.They were unique.
And, of course, there is a fountain (every college must have one).  It is an old-fashioned one and not as unique as the 2 fountains on the Clackamas Community College campus, but it does fit its serene surroundings. 
Everywhere across campus there were beautiful dogwoods blooming, as well as a variety of other flowers.  I just loved the POP of color that the poppies added!
I discovered a unique twisted vine that was like a living sculpture.  I loved how unique and unusual it was and just had to take a picture.  I have no idea what kind of plant it was, just enjoyed it sculptural quality.   I enjoyed my stroll around this lovely, serene setting!  Now it makes me want to explore some more of the campuses around Oregon.

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  1. What a treat for you! They paid you to go somewhere else where you could enjoy new scenery.

    If you want a guide on the Lewis and Clark campus, I'm an alum. Put on your walking shoes - it's a hilly campus.