Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday I took a little stroll on the Clackamas Community College campus after spending time in a class and then with a dear friend (enjoyed the time, Beth M.!).  I had noticed some lovely trees in bloom, covered in large white blossoms (my lack of horticultural knowledge keeps me from naming them), so I just had to snap a few photographs.They are so lovely! 

For some reason they made me think of white butterflies...

In the area behind DuJardin building is a little forested section where I discovered this lovely little sprite of a flower.  I found it unique how the end of each petal had a twist, and then I noticed that the stamen in the center had 3 little twists on the end.  They all twist in the same direction!  How cool is that!  The golden center was like a miniature sunburst.  Pretty!!

Now I had no idea that there were trilliums growing back there!!  But I discovered a few as I strolled, some white and some with a wine tint.  Nice!  In another area of the campus I found another lovely  tree covered in little cottony blossoms.

In my travels I came across glowing daffodils and tulips greeting me.  You can't help but smile when you see these flowers.
I also discovered a colorful and textural floral plant.  Look at the hair on these little guys.  I love the polka dotted leaves.

This plant has such sculptural edges to each leaf, and I loved seeing the water drop inside, like it was wearing a diamond.   As I wrapped up my stroll and decided I should head on home, I glanced up into the sky and saw this--

Now doesn't that look like a heart?  It sure did to me, and I felt like God was saying


  1. That first tree with the white blooms is a dogwood. Lovely photos, Rose!

  2. Thanks for the awesome nature walk through pictures. Yes, I'd say that cloud looks like a heart just for you!

  3. God gave you a valentine! What a delightful walk, and what great photos! Thanks for sharing. You are GOOD with that camera.

  4. Rose, I always enjoy your blogs, and I agree that it is award-winning. It would be great if you taught a blog-making or computer art class, with your amazing talents for catching the beauty in each picture, along with your ability as a writer. It sounds as you had a great Mother's Day! We got to watch Liam all day, and he really tired us out. Of course, he tired himself out after 6 hrs., too, falling asleep standing up next to the couch.