Monday, May 3, 2010


I spent some time playing with my Windows Photo Gallery to be creative with color on some of my photographs.  It is always fun to experiment and it may lead to some lovely surprises.  It was fun, relaxing and I was pleased with many of the results.  Some of the images looked like something out of an alien landscape.  Now if I had Adobe Photoshop I would be in heaven.  Take a look at my colorful results!

I love the way the clouds almost look like islands.

The brilliance of the flower and contrast of the center is so interesting.

I love how changing the color of the white flower gave it a softness as if a sunset was coloring it.  The lichen on the tree seems to have movement and life and definitely has an alien feel.

Then I experimented with changing pictures to high brightness and lightening  the colors, which makes these two have a feel as if watercolor paintings.    Isn't it beautiful!

I love how the flowers remind me of some 1970's painting.  In the forest scene I almost expect to see a vampire walk towards me, or maybe faeries come dancing...

I love the pink/purple sunset behind a high contrast tree.  The flower almost seems to be floating above the scenery.

These two pictures above are so different in texture.  The flowers against the lavender sky are so soft, while the fiery red and orange leaves have such sharp texture, and are warmer as well.  In the photo below I like how the leave of the tree became fall colors and looked so like a leafy piece of lace.  I experimented again with the poppy and liked making the petals like flames and the center a highly textured purple. Isn't it cool!!!!!

This last picture was taken of a sculpture on the Clackamas Community College campus and I just gave it another worldly look. 
It looks rather like some alien plant that would eat you!

One thing I did before I started changing pictures was be sure to make a copy of the original so I still had it.  To do that, you just click on File, then Make A Copy and then rename it. 

I highly suggest having your own fun doing this. 
Be creative and enjoy the freedom on creating
a new landscape!

Last but not least, here is what I did to a photograph of my calico cat, Patches.    Isn't she beautiful!


  1. These are awesome! I love the art revealed when you are just having fun.

  2. GRaphic art! You have such a great eye for color. Just masterful work!

  3. Oh, these are gorgeous, and so much fun. You're really an artist, Rose. You should set up an account at Deviant Art and post some stuff. Then you can hob-nob with other artists.

    Here is my friend Eddie's page: