Monday, June 7, 2010


Saturday, June 5th, I had a fun evening babysitting Brogan.  He is quite the character.  At first he showed me how all of his noisy toys worked.  When I pulled out the camera to snap a few pictures he first gave a look as if saying, "Oh no! She's got that flashing light thing again!"  But then he decided to ham it up for me.
He gave me a big adorable smile!

Then he decided to pretend that he was asleep.  When I asked, "Is Brogan sleeping?'  He said, "Yeah!"
Then he suddenly "woke up" and gave me a big giggle and smile!

 He "fell asleep" again, and this time he made funny noises, which I assumed were his imitation of snoring. So cute!

After a diaper change and donning PJ's, he was demonstrating one toy that played music, blows balls with air, and is noisy.  At first, he just kept filling it with the balls bouncing back out.  Then he did something odd and funny!  He put his hands over his ears and did a funny little scream.  Afterwards he laughed! He did it more than once!
He even did a whole facial expression.  I have no idea how he got started on this action and I forgot to ask his mom and dad about it when they came home.  It was funny, and he really hammed it up when he got the laughs from me.
Then he took his "sleeping" show to the bottom couple of steps on the stairs.  He was so coy about it.
He is quite an actor as he really did look like he was asleep!  Then I would say, "Ahhh! Brogan went to sleep. Guess I will put him in bed."  He would pop up and laugh. He had fun pretending.
But eventually he really did go to sleep and looked so adorable.  I had fun babysitting my buddy Brogan!


  1. Wow, what a ham. Lots of personality, there. I'll bet you have a lot of fun with him.