Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last Sunday morning around 6 a.m. two of my cats started their usual wee hours romp.  They seem to have to expend some energy each early morn and will chase each other around for a few minutes, even running across me, cuddled under the blankets.   I will usually tell them to 'settle down, I am trying to sleep' and doze off again.  Sunday mornings romp turned out quite different from previous ones.
I heard the pounding of pussy paws as they chased each other around the room, running across me at one point (of course!).  I heard romping cats, followed by a loud CLICK, and then a horrific howl/ scream from my cat, Kala.  I sat upright immediately and glanced at the second story window--no screen!  I ran to the window screaming, "KALA!!"
My heart was beating a mile a minute.  I saw the window screen below, all mangled, and glanced around for Kala, my black baby. 
Suddenly I saw her running towards the back door being chased by Mooshoo, one other cat, who happened to be outside at the time 
(My husband had let her out).  Kala ran inside and then I ran to the bedroom door in time to see her race full-speed up the stairs, and bolt under the bed, the whole time loudly crying, "Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!"  
In my mind it sounded like she was  calling for her "mommy," which, of course, is me.                                                                                                         
I finally got her out from under the bed, called the 24 hour emergency vet, and told them what happened in an extremely panicky voice (and that is putting it mildly)!  The vet calmed me down, then talked me through an examination of my baby. 
She had me run my hands along her back, feel her legs, and then her tummy.  Kala was purring and not making any cries out in pain.  She also told me to see if Kala would eat food and drink water. I grabbed the kitty treats bag and Kala was thrilled to get those.  She even drank some water. The vet felt she would be okay, but I was told to observe her for the next several hours and to call them back should she quit eating or drinking or become listless.  I climbed back into the bed with Kala in my arms cuddled up next to me and was awake for about 3 hours watching her. Eventually I dozed off and slept, kitty cuddled close.
Needless to say, I did not go to church as I was a bit afraid to leave her, just in case.   
I think that because she is a hefty little kitty (see picture), her weight caused the screen to pop right out and she flew out either on it or after it!  Either way, it must have been frightening.
Kala survived her free fall from the second story window, I almost didn't!! 
She has avoided going near the window since that experience!


  1. Oh bless your heart! We get more distressed than the kitties do. City cats fall from higher perches onto cement sidewalks and suffer no harm. I think the record is something like 14 stories. If they get hurt, it's usually a broken collarbone. Like Tigger, "Their heads are made of the rubber, their legs are made of the springs. They're jouncy pouncy, flouncy, bouncy . . ."

  2. I absorbed your panic. What a tale. (and some good info re kitty accidents) Jeanie

  3. I'm so glad your kitty is all right. I had one fall out a second story window years ago, and it hurt his kidneys. Of course they were already messed-up because his brother was his daddy, but the fall put things over the edge.

  4. What a hair raising event with a happy ending. Our "kids" are important to us. I know my 4 are all very special. Two greyhounds, one long-haired dachshund an Abyssinian cat and an all around medium hair grey kitty. It get's very hairy around here at times :-)