Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here is my cute little great-niece, Viviana. She is definitely a redhead! Her mother is my niece and the family has moved into their first home!

I am sure she will have fun exploring it with her baby brother, Logan.

Viviana likes to be incognito sometimes!
Here is Logan.  My mom is holding him, his great-grandma.  Logan was born Oct. 30th 2009 and is growing so fast!  I think he may end up over 6 ft. tall like his grandpa, his great-grandpa, and his great uncle!  And, as you can see, he is a redhead as well.  He is not quite 9 months old and stands pretty tall!
From left to right, you can see my mother holding Logan, Vanessa (the mother of Logan & Viviana), and my brother, Jim (Vanessa's dad & her kids grandpa!).  They are resting from working on cleaning the house Vanessa and family have bought.

This is the house in Southern Californai that Vanessa, Luis, Viviana and Logan will be living in!
Mom says it is 3000 square feet.  Way too much house to have to clean!  They are first-time homebuyers!


  1. Oh, I wish I were a redhead. Those babies are adorable! Vanessa looks like Shirley Temple with those ringlets. Hope they have a long happy life in their new home.

  2. I love that read hair. Those are some darn cute kids.