Monday, July 19, 2010


I had a chance to see a bit of Silver Falls last week when I had to go there for work for a conference.  I arrived an hour before the conference was to start and got a little bit of exploration done.  This is a photograph of the North Falls.  I had to take it from a distance because I did not have enough time to take the hike down to it.

I saw lots of these flowers growing in the park.  I do not know what they are, but I am sure some of you will be able to tell me what these little lovelies are.

At one spot I came across a fallen tree
that looked like a dinosaur moving through
the ferns.  Don't you think it resembles
a dinosaur??!!

Some of the forest definitely had an ancient and other-worldly look to it.  I half-expected strange creatures to emerge. 

I came across some lichen on one tree.  To me it looked like the entrance to a little forest gnome home.  It would have been so enchanting to see one emerge from there!

It was so soothing and relaxing to sit and listen to the music of the water.
I also had a chance to see the South Falls.  It was half the size it had been in May, but still breathtaking.

On the way home there were fields of poppies growing and it was lovely.  I had not realized that there were purple poppies. 

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  1. Those flowers are foxgloves. I can give you some seeds to spread in your yard if you want. They're biennials, so they grow only foliage the first year, then bloom the second.

    I love Silver Falls State Park. It's so beautiful.