Sunday, July 18, 2010


Silverton, Oregon is famous for their murals.  I had a chance to be in Silverton for a little while and I decided to try to find all of the murals I had not seen yet. They have a total of 17. I had already seen (and posted on my blog) photographs of the Gallon House Bridge and Bobbie, the Wonder Dog.  The one above is entitled Don Pettit, Silverton's Astronaut.  It was painted by David McDonald who painted 8 of the murals. Don Pettit was born in Silverton.
This next one is entitled Paws for Love, painted by Kathryn Bennett.  It is dedicated to therapy dogs.  The next mural was in 5 parts; the "title page" gives the information about The Four Freedoms murals.  It was painted by David McDonald. The original art was by Norman Rockwell.

The next mural had to be photographed in sections as well due to is length.  It is entitled Silverton's Pet Parade and was painted by David McDonald.  It is dedicated to their annual parade in honor of Bobbie, the wonder dog.  The Pet parade in Silverton is the oldest event of its kind, having been done since 1932.
The dog leading this pet parade is the winner of the Bobbie look-alike contest they have each year.

The mural above was painted by David McDonald, and it is entitled The Mammoth.  This extraordinary image is based upon an actual 1400-pound (fully assembled with plate holder) camera, and upon a photograph of that enormous camera preparing to take an equally enormous photograph, on 8 by 4.5-feet plates, of a train in 1900 (for which it was purpose built).

This mural is in 2 parts, one tells about Homer Davenport (above) and the painting of Homer and depicting his life is below. This is also a mural painted by David McDonald.

This mural is about an old oak tree that used to be in the hub of Silverton, thus entitled The Old Oak. It was painted by Lori Lee Webb.  Its story is below.

This simple mural states that Silverton is known as the city of the falls.  Below the mural is the information.
I discovered one advertising mural not listed and just thought it was interesting.  Leak's all clove cigars!
Then I also caught site of the top of one building that was very unique, with stained glass and a howling wolf
Below is a mural entitled Arabian Quest.  It was painted by Lori Lee Webb. It honors Homer Davenport's Arabian horse bloodline.
It seems there is a celebration each year and here is the information on the next event:

Silverton's fun and exciting Davenport Days festival
Davenport Days Festival--Aug. 6th, 7th & 8th,2010
Coolidge-McClaine Park--303 Coolidge St.
Silverton, Oregon 97381
Arts & Crafts Fair all 3 days-Original and unique works of art, jewelry, and collectibles can be found at Coolidge-McClaine Park. Vendor booths from all over the country congregate between the trees of the Park. If you are an artist or crafter, you are invited to show your wares and methods at Homer Davenport Days! We also have selected areas for non-profit groups as well as vendor space for young artisans (aged 8 to 16).
Festival Music during the three days consisting of an eclectic mix of music styles showcasing top talent bands, unique to Silverton as well as top acts from around the Northwest.
Saturday, August 7th, 2010
On Saturday the residents of Silverton come together in the city's historic downtown district for the annual community parade. Entries range from floats to antique automobiles as well as bands and dancers.
Sunday, August 8th, 2010
Davenport Races  check-in 11:00 - start 12:00
The slogan for Homer Davenport Days, "The Unique Silverton Family Festival," is never more true than when customized Davenports (pun intended), as couches, race 250 feet down Silverton's Main Street, in a lively competition that has grown steadily over the years.
Barbeque Dinner--Friday & Saturday 12-7 PM    Sunday 12-5 PM
at the Pavilion Coolidge-McClaine Park   303 Coolidge St.,  Silverton, Oregon 97381
$7 for a half BBQ chicken dinner. Includes beans, coleslaw, and a roll. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

Homer Days offers a world of fun diversions at both Coolidge-McClaine Park and adjacent Old Mill Park, as well as other locations around Silverton. We also have a well attended food court with diverse menus, refreshments, and desserts beginning at the main gateway of Coolidge-McClaine.
Saturday & Sunday morning at the Lions Club Pavilion in Coolidge-McClaine Park. The Silverton Lions, with the help of local Boy Scout Troop 485, will be serving breakfast both days, starting in the morning at 7:00 am until 12:00 noon. The menu includes pancakes, eggs cooked to order, ham, and beverages priced at $6.00 for adults, $4.00 for children.

Silverton Flywheels Classic Car Cruise In

Saturday. Old Mill Park (aka Library Park, directly across the creek from Coolidge-McClaine). Dozens of classic cars line the path between the Silverton Library and the Pool.


  1. Very cool.I really enjoy murals.

  2. I have only seen a few so need to go back and hunt for them all. Joan