Monday, July 19, 2010


I was able to spend some time this past weekend with my best friend, Sue, and her grandson, Brogan.  Brogan knows me as "Nana Rose." 
He is quite the character and it is great to get to see him with Sue.  I just love this shot of them together.

Brogan loves books, so grandma Sue always enjoys reading to him. 

For awhile we went outside to play catch. If you look above Sue's
open hand, you can see the little yellow ball we were tossing around.
Here comes the ball towards Nana Rose!
Brogan sure has a good throwing arm.

Brogan enjoys going for a ride on his horse.

Brogan took a rather amusing bath,
all the while entertaining his
grandma Sue, Nana Rose and mother.

Then he donned pajamas to
prepare for bedtime.

Of course, there was a little more playtime.
Brogan has fun bouncing on the couch.

Here he plays peek-a-boo from behind Grandma Sue.

Then Grandma and Brogan showed me how he
does the Itsy Bitsy Spider performance.
Really cute!!
You can watch it below.  It is a little dark due to the back light coming through the window.

Sue and I had a great visit and enjoyed time with Brogan!!


  1. What a lovely weekend you have had! Hooray for you!

  2. I love when you post about Brogan! He's so darn cute. I'm glad to see he's being raised to appreciate books.