Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today quite a few of the Writers Club members gathered together at Mary S. Young State Park in West Linn for a picnic.  We all brought food to share and no one went hungry! 
After dining we unveiled the games and play began. 
Twister was a riot!  It had all of us laughing! 
You can get into some very awkward positions...

My hand goes where?  On which color??

The photo below shows Chris and Greg getting cozy.

Which one is my leg?
Very flexible students!
Not the best side of Chris!! (photos below)

Kenton seems too comfortable.

Being a very inflexible old lady, I was an observer and photographer!!  It brought back memories of when I was young, out of high school, and playing this game with a number of friends!  Ahh, the good old days...
There were friendly discussions on many topics.   Kyle: "Wanna duke it out?"                              Chris: "Hey man, I'm a pacifist!"

Some of us played quite a few rousing games of HIT THE DECK, which is a fun card game but can lead to smashed hands when you have to hit the deck!  I must warn everyone that Kenton, the young man in front left with the moustache, is VERY competitive at this game!!!
Of course, there were the diehard Magic card game players.  They needed a table all to themselves to spread out all those colorful and strange cards.  During the school year you can often find several groups in the Clackamas Community College Community Center playing these games during the breaks between classes.
Some of the kids enjoyed the game UPWORDS...can be frustrating!
"Do not tell me how to spell!!!"   
The day was filled with laughter, fun and memories. 
We all had a great time!!