Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last weekend my friend, Sherri, invited me to visit her and see her horses and new puppy.  The pup is adorable and seemed to like me.       She is a little shy around the horses as they are SO big to her.  But she did give the one horse a tender paw pat on the nose.  It was funny when the horse sniffed the puppy and enveloped the puppies whole nose and mouth!  The horses are ponies.
One of her horses has very unusual eyes!  Bluish with a dark center.  I have never seen that before!
I thought it was rather spooky looking.  The horse was so gentle and handsome.
This one is the baby, only a few months old. 
The baby was very curious and wanted to get attention. 
She was constantly coming right up to me and sniffing me, my camera bag, my camera, my clothes...
notice the Mohawk mane!  Made me laugh.
Now that is a pose!!
This is mother to the baby.  She is the largest horse of them all.
She has 3 white socks, which means 3 legs are white just above the foot and one is black.
She is gentle and lovely.

I just love the way I got the shadow of the horses head as the sun was slowly setting.
Isn't this sweet?  Mother and daughter!! Ahhhh!!!
Here baby is playing with a ball!  That's a kid for ya!
I laughed when I looked at this shot because it almost looks like one horse is small and is standing on the other!
Sherri is extremely knowledgeable about horses, training them and breeding them.
She loves the horses and yet knows how to teach them their boundaries,
just like a mother with children!
Horses are beautiful.  I have always loved seeing them poised in a field or frolicking around.
And I think most women imagine riding upon a gorgeous horse in some romantic setting.
Admit it!!
In mine, I was always in a flowing white dress (I know, not proper for riding a horse, but this is imagination!)
riding through a field of golden flowers.
What would your "horse scene" be like????

I rode off into the my van!!


  1. Awesome pics! I was introduced to horses through one of my daughters, they are such magnificent creatures. Yet, your images of them are even more powerful. You take good pictures. You see with the eye of an artist.

    I love knowing that was is posted on the internet, is forever. All your pictures are worthy to be treasured -forever.

  2. I love that last phone. You're fortunate your camera will capture things like that. Mine doesn't do it so well.