Saturday, November 6, 2010


On Monday evening (Nov. 1st) I had the delightful duty of picking Brogan up from his preschool and taking care of him all night because his mommy and daddy were both out of town on business trips!  When Brogan saw Nana Rose, he ran up to me and hugged my legs, then retrieved a picture he had colored, and brought it to me.  He was happy to see me!!
We went home to his home and played, had dinner and read books. 
Then Brogan had a bath.  He kept telling me he would "do it" himself, so he had fun washing with the washrag and getting his head and face wet.  Nana Rose did his back because his arms would not reach.
He also pulls the plug and drains the water!

I snapped this shot of Brogan playing with his train and afterwards thought it quite the coincidence that the woman on TV had a toothy grin mimicking Brogan's!

We had fun playing with the toys, and Brogan showed me how to do it all the right way.  He seems to love his vehicles!

After a little snack of Yogurt treats and water, Brogan showed me that his tummy was full, very full!

Brogan was entranced by the Dancing with the Stars show and clapped and cheered after each performance.

As you can see from the video clip, he does enjoy the dancing and music.
When it was time for bed, we retreated upstairs for a last round of books.
Brogan had to hog the chair at first until I told him I could not read without sitting by him.
He loves to read books so he immediately made room for Nana Rose.

After storytime was done, I tucked little Brogan into bed, gave kisses and told him to sleep and be very quiet so Nana Rose can sleep, too.
He drifted right off!

The next morning  (Tues. Nov 2) Brogan and I had breakfast, combed his hair, played for a little while, and then headed out to drop him off at preschool before I headed off to work.  I snapped a photo of him waiting to go, and here in  his car seat. He was not happy about Nana Rose leaving him, and I had to get assistance from the teacher to hold him.
After I picked him up that evening, we went for a walk in a nature park near his preschool on Sunnyside. Brogan had a great time dropping leaves through the bridge and watching them float away in the water.

Brogan posed for me on a log with a "putty leaf" that he picked up on the walk.  It, too, eventually floated down the stream.

We had a nice walk and by the time we finished, Brogan had cleared that bridge of about half of the leaves that had been on it!
Children are so easily entertained.

After dinner and a bath, we played for a little while and soon Brogan cuddled up next to me wanting me to read books.  I  noticed his eyes looking rather drowsy and asked if he wanted to go to bed. At first he said no, but after about five minutes he succumbed.  We wandered upstairs, read nighttime books, and I tucked him in.  He drifted off to sleep without protest.  Nighty night Brogan.


  1. I want you to be my nana Rose when I feel sick. You are such a wonderful, nurturing woman!!

  2. Awww. What a sweet time you had with him. You two are lucky to have each other.