Friday, November 12, 2010


Last weekend on Saturday evening I babysat Brogan once again.  He was in a good mood.
Can you get a sense of mischievousness from this face??
He was full of giggles.

He kept wanting me to take his picture and then show it to him on the camera.  Sometimes I would pretend and show him the same picture I had showed him prior.  I know, but it is so much fun to trick kids sometimes.

What a ham!!

We worked on building a castle. Brogan is a perfectionist.  If he did not think it was right, he would knock it down and we would rebuild it.  Or maybe he was just knocking it down for fun...
either way, we rebuilt it!
Eventually he liked what he saw, so we left it up for mommy and daddy to view on their return. Here he gives a big "cheese" smile for me.

Here is another of his "say Cheese" smiles.  Now he is laying in the recliner waiting for Nana Rose to read the bedtime books to him.  He is definitely going to have to make more room for this bountiful woman if he wants to hear any stories!

Teeth are all brushed, stories told, and one last drink of water before saying nighty night.  What a cutie!!


  1. Those are the cutest little pajamas.

  2. What a cute little mischief maker.

  3. Thanks for sharing dear you are really doing a wonderful job.