Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Recently Sue and I co-babysat with Brogan, Sue's grandson.  We had a great time, as usual, for Sue and I always enjoy ourselves.  Toss Brogan into the mix and it is triple the fun!  We decided to go to OMSI.  All children have fun there so we figured we three-1child and 2 child-like adults-would have a blast!

Professor Brogan showed us how to weigh things on a scale.
Let's see...if I put this here it should work. side seems too heavy.  Uhh, Grandma, a little help here.

Professor Brogan showed us how to use a magnifying glass to look at animal paw impressions.

You just hold it over the footprint of the animal and...holy cow!  This is a big one from a bear!!!
Note to self:  Avoid Bears!

Now I am going to perform a feat of prestidigitation.  That means magic, Nana Rose.  See, I hold my hand over this yellow thingy and Voila! it floats!!!!
What's my secret?  A good magician never reveals his methods.
Note to self: Figure out how I did that!

Now watch what I do with this green bouncy ball.    Whoa!  I got a little too close.   This thing sure blows!

 Ha ha ha!  This is fun!
I made the ball float in the air.  I am so talented!
Now when you are driving, you always check your and buttons and thingies and make sure that you are not going to fast. 
And NEVER fall asleep like this when you are driving.
That is a big NO NO!

Brogan decided to pursue his artistic side.
This stuff is soft and feels cool.  Let's see, I think I will try making something.
That thing over there looks interesting.

I gotta put all my muscle behind this and push.  UGH!
Try another piece...
Hmmmm...interesting, very interesting!

Let's see...if I put this here,
and this one over there, and add this one in this spot.

Look at what I made!
Isn't it cool.
Uhh, Grandma, what are you doing back there???

You can tell when Professor Brogan is in deep concentration on a project by looking at how he holds his mouth!

I can make this better! 
Let's see...if I put this
over here, move this over there...

Then we moved onto the water area.  Thank goodness Grandma was well prepared with extra clothes!

Professor Brogan demonstrates the uses of various gadgets.

You can use this thing to pour water, like on plants or a dog...
or you can pretend it is a telephone...hello???
I think I hear the ocean!

Here is one of those bears, and look there in the water...a shark!

I dropped the bear and the shark ate him!

All right, Nana Rose...enough with the camera!
I am going to have permanent spots before my eyes! is like having my own personal paparazzi.

Wow!  This is the coolest mirror I have ever seen!!  Can I get one of these for my room, Grandma...please!!!  Nothing like a little snack to energize a guy.  Hey, look at that cute girl over there.

It seems to make grandma laugh when I play with these.  And when grandma laughs, I laugh.  A never ending circle.

Hey, look what grandma can do.  She is smarter than I thought!

I wonder
this button

White button
makes it
shake, red
stops it.
This is so much fun!  I am creating an earthquake!
I am powerful! 
We have to go home???
When can we come back??
I had fun!!

Grandma Sue and Nana Rose had fun, too!!!


  1. What a wonderful age. He sure knows how to show you girls a good time!