Saturday, February 26, 2011


The last couple of times I saw Brogan I forgot to put in a post on my blog.  So I am combining the pictures here.  One time visiting with Brogan while his Grandmas Sue was here, I brough him a little of those "tattooes" you apply with water.  I put it on his belly.  It was a flying beetle holding a pearl.  I figured the heart and butterfly ones I had were too girlie for him.  He loved it and showed it off to everyone--several times.
He always has fun with his toys and being active.  It is a joy to watch him.

I gave him a new outfit for his Mr. Potatohead.  It was a snowman outfit.  The nose is supposed to be a carrot, a stubby carrot!  Brogan got a kick out of it.

Here is little Brogan sound asleep on the couch, his tummy exposed showing off the tattoo.

On another visit when I babysat while his parents went out to dinner, Brogan read a book to me.  Even though I oculd not understand what he was saying, it was enjoyable to listen to him prattle on.  We also played with stacking boxes. He has had these for a long time yet keeps playing with them.  He concentrates hard when stacking them.

After I fed Brogan dinner, he soon started becoming sleepy.
He would try to keep going but it was hard to fight it.

Nighty night Brogan!


  1. He is just so adorable. One day I'll see his high school graduation pictures here on your blog and I'll say, "where did the time go?" I love his "serious" face and this "sleepy" face.

  2. What a sweetheart. Great pictures that capture just the right innocent moment. I also like the tummy tat