Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Brogan will soon have a little sister. She is due in May.  Last Saturday I went to a baby shower for Christina, Brogan's mommy.  It was held at a cupcake store, which is a very unusual venue.
Here is mom-to-be, Christina, and her mother, my dear friend, Sue. We were given cupcakes, frosting, and different decorations to design our own cupcakes. 
Here Christina, her mom, and her mom-in-law decorate their cupcakes.

Such intense concentration!
These cupcakes will be gorgeous! 
These grandma's are really good at this!

Christina did not do too bad!  Here you can see the lovely cupcakes that were not devoured!
I decorated the one on the upper right and the one just below it!
In photo below, Christina tell us that the baby is moving.  She is due in mid May and I think she looks great!
Christina received adorable little outfits and items for her soon-to-be daughter.  Brogan will have a little sister!!! Yahoo!
Last but certainly not least is a photo of Brogan just before he went to sleep!
Good night Brogan.

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  1. Brogan looks adorable in that brown and green sleeper. I wonder what he'll think about that little sister. I imagine there will be a period of adjustment. :)