Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Brogan needed a babysitter last Saturday and Nana Rose was more than happy to volunteer. 
It is always fun to be around a young spirit!
The first thing Brogan wanted to show me was how he could make unusual noises with a toy container.
The noise was not music but made me laugh.  Then Brogan proceeded to read a book to me.  I had some difficulty understanding the language but found it quite entertaining nonetheless.

Then Brogan showed me how to bounce a balloon all around the rooms.  Eventually he became rather winded and displayed his skills at sorting shapes into the appropriate holes.

Brogan's dog, Maddie, did not seem very impressed by any of the activity.

But she held tight to her rather well-loved toy so that Brogan would not choose to play with it.

We played together with a toy he has which consists of 10 up shapes that can interlock.  We had fun stacking them, making balls, rolling them and peeking through the holes in them at each other.  At one point I think Brogan was showing me that they could also be used like a bra, but I could be wrong!!

You can see the tall tower we created with these balls.  I did not last long as Brogan, like all children, had that urge to knock it down.  Next Brogan showed me how to construct his Lego Elmo.
He is getting quite adept at this.

Brogan has these linking shapes and he worked hard at creating a hula hoop, necklace and a rope!
Brogan really enjoyed swinging his "rope" around and hollering, "whoa!"
Eventually he tired out and lay down on the couch by me.  I rubbed his back and soon he was napping away!
When he woke a couple hours later, he was in the mood to have Nana Rose read some more books to him.  When his parents came home they had dinner for us all!  After enjoying dinner, chat and laughs, Nana Rose had to head out to home.
Brogan waved BYE BYE!!
You can tell by the big smile on his face that he had fun with his Nana Rose!


  1. Nana Rose is the best ever, and Brogan is one lucky lad!

  2. You get so much entertainment out of that kid you should be paying his mom to let you hang out with him. :)