Friday, August 26, 2011


So sorry that I have not posted much of late.  My husband is disabled and his health problems sometimes cause a lot of turmoil in my life.  I now am going to try to get back to posting regularly.
So let's start with news on baby Bella and now 3 year-old "big boy" Brogan.  Of course there are photo's!

Brogan had his 3rd birthday celebration at Oaks Amusement Park.  He was thrilled to be going there.
Here he is with his Grandma Sue.
Can you tell that he is the apple of his grandma's eye?!

Here he is with his paternal grandma Rita.  They are enjoying the food!  Brogan can hardly wait to have his birthday cake!
Grandma makes good potato salad!

Wow! What a cool cake!  You can tell it is for a boy who likes trucks and "diggers."   And he told his mom he wanted red on his cake!
The "dirt" is ground up graham crackers.

Brogan got a BIG piece.  
I think he likes it!

He worked awhile eating that ice cream cake slice!
I think he did pretty good, especially after having eaten a lunch!

Then it was off to the rides!!

He was so eager to go up and down, round and round, fast, fast, fast!

I wondered about all the food now down inside that little tummy!

They have a few of those old crazy warped carnival mirrors and Grandma Sue and Brogan had fun looking at their wild images!
Brogan, Sue and I laughed at his long head 
and short stature shown in the mirror.

 "I am ready to take off and battle aliens to save the world!"

"Okay aliens, where are you?  Come out, come out wherever you are!  I am looking for you!"

Oh Yeah!  I am a big, tough biker! Varoom Varoom!
Watch me ride!

I'm Brogan the Sailor Man - toot! toot!
I sail as much as I can - toot! toot!
The girls think I'm cute
except when I toot,
I'm Brogan the Sailor man!!
OH OH!  I think I am about to go flying!!
Bella, Brogan's sister, was also at the party.
 Daddy explaining to Bella that she is too small for the rides.
That ride over there looks like fun. Come on Grandma, let's go for a spin!
Smiling for Nana Rose.
A girl wants to look good!
Here I am, stylin'!  Isn't my daddy handsome!  
That boy over there is cute.  Hey dad, when can I start dating?
I think I'll just take a little nap.  All this noise and clamor won't bother me at all!
Once the party is over, some of us head over to Brogan's house to watch him open some gifts!
Look at this! Nana Rose wrote HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY BROGAN and drew pictures!
Grandma Sue gave me this big yellow truck!
Gonna have fun with this in the yard!
Look at the cool bulldozer Nana Rose gave me!  It moves all by itself and talks and makes noise!
This fire engine is from my Grandma Rita!  It shoots and I shot at grandma Sue!
I had a fun 3rd birthday!!!!!


  1. Aw! Very cute! Happy birthday to Brogan!

  2. I think you had as much fun as he did! What a great party. Thanks for sharing. I've missed you.

  3. And what little boy does not like a digger and truck.!As a grandma I can say there is nothing more wonderful than playing with the little ones.

    Sorry that you have been having a difficult time with your disabled husband. Not an easy life being a carer. Blessings.

  4. Nice to have an update on the apple of your eye! :-) Is there anything cuter than a 3-year-old enjoying his birthday party! Thanks for sharing and hope that things at home are much easier now. Alice

  5. I love your photos, as always. Happy birthday to Brogan! He's getting to be such a big boy.