Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Christina, mommy to Bella and Brogan, sent me a few pictures to share.  I had forgotten to photograph the pumpkins I painted for Brogan and Bella!  She was kind enough to do that for me!
These are the big pumpkins...
and these are the little pumpkins. The green one on the left side was the one Brogan painted.
Here is Nana Rose assisting Brogan in his painting.  I squeezed the paint into the tray!
Here Brogan poses on a huge pumpkin (he would have brought it home if we could have lifted it!).  
Love the sunflower backdrop!
And last but definitely not least is little Bella in the shirt Nana Rose gave her!
What a cutie!!


  1. Oh, what fun! You are so creative!

  2. Painting pumpkins is a great idea and much less messy, right? Bella makes the cutest little pun'kin of all.

  3. Oh, so cute--pumpkins and kiddlets alike! (Yeah, I had a feeling that the one on the left was painted by Brogan!)