Saturday, December 17, 2011


My friend, Roxie, posted about her positively pink socks:
It made me pick through my sock drawer and decide to show off my creative collection!
As you can see, I am partial to socks with kitty cats on them.  One lone pair with cuddling dogs.
Socks for October...
socks for December...
and winter...
tumbling teddy bears, Pooh bear, smiley faces...
KISS ME, rubber ducky, hand prints...
 and a variety of posy patterns.
Does my unusual variety of stockings mean I am eccentric?
I like to think it means I am young at heart!!


  1. I've got a few pairs of fun socks, but you've got me beat! I do have a particularly snazzy Christmas toe-socks, tho!

  2. Good, I'm not alone in my sock collection, but I've only got a half dozen pairs. I'm way behind. I like to think you are right on Roxie...young at heart! Helen

  3. Hokedy Pokes!! I need to get to Fred Meyer or Macy's to catch up to you gals. Nice collection, Rose.

  4. Your socks just rock! What fun you have with them! With such happy socks, you will never be defeeted.