Saturday, June 30, 2012


One day this week I took a much needed relaxing stroll around the Clackamas Community College campus gardens after work.  Since it stays light so late right now, it enables me to have a nice stroll and take photographs.  And so I did just that.  I not only look for lovely flowers, but also seek unique shapes and textures as well as try to find a different viewpoint.

The pink flowers made me think of gowns ready for a girl to don and dance around.

This one on the right is just ready for July 4th!
Boom !! sizzle!!!

I am hearing fireworks again!

I love this in close view of the calla lily.
It feels so soft and calming.

The light was shining through this leaf and enhanced the red veining in it.  
I could see a tree in this leaf!
Do you see it?

The red thorns on another plant were so unique and the pinkish fur on the branch added even more texture.

I am not sure if these are dahlias or not,
but was so struck by their very unusual coloring.
You see them as I saw them in the garden.

This soft pink flower has such lovely veins.
A star sits at its center. Notice the little tiny bug?

The plant on the left has such unique coloring and I love the spiked look, like a punk plant.

The red/pink leaf is so cool and I love the hair along its edges.

I enjoy the soft layers in this rose.  It makes me think of silk.  I can almost imagine being wrapped up in its delicate petals.

Tie-dye leaves!
Love 'em!

Here is the sunrise, soft and colorful!

That is the end of the stroll.
Find a garden and take a stroll of your own!


  1. Bless your dear heart, Rose. You find peace and beauty and then you share it with us. What a generous woman you are.

    Those tie-dye leaves are my favorite. And second is that red thorn. What a peculiar plant!

  2. What a wonderful world we live in with such beautiful flowers and someone like you to capture their beauty. Thank you, Rose.

  3. What a wonderful world we live in with such beautiful flowers and someone like you to capture their beauty. Thank you, Rose.

  4. The pictures are absolutely amazing, Rose!!! thanks for posting.
    Alida D.

  5. Your photos are so lovely! As are the flowers themselves!

  6. My favorite is the boom-sizzle. Barb

  7. Oh Rose - this was a colour and texture sensation! Totally enjoyable. :)

  8. Thanks for the great advice, I hadn't thought of that, but I will check it out.

    Lovely shots of flowers, some I really miss living up here. And I am wondering if those are Zinnias not Dahlias.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Wow! Your photos are so wonderful! I just love visiting seeing flowers I might never experience
    in person! I have enjoyed strolling through your blog and am your newest follower,

  10. beautiful -- Thanks!
    Marcia H.

  11. Rose you do such a beautiful job of seeing every little detail. Even a prickly thorn becomes beautiful when you photograph it. Thanks for the wonderful stroll.

  12. Your artistry with words and your camera never cease to amaze me. Never stop delighting us with your fresh and lovely insights. Alice