Friday, June 15, 2012


There were other flowers in Schreiner's Iris Garden and I want to show you these lovelies.
In the photo on the left I was just pressing the button to take the shot when the bee flew in!
Lucky me!
The shot on the right happened because I was chasing the bees around these flowers.
They probably thought I was a pest.

Bees just are expected when you are around flowers, so I ended up with some bee-utiful shots!
I do not know what kind of flower is on the left but I love the spiky texture.
On the right is a poppy with a--you guessed it--bee on it.

I love the soft, paleness of the photo on the left, yet still retaining the lines.

The columbine on the right are so pretty and all over Oregon, or so I was told.

I was told this (above) is a dogwood.  I love the shape, textures and color.
Such wonderful color God painted into these flowers.

It brightens the landscape and my outlook.

The flowers to the left were so beautiful and their blend of purple/blue colors was brilliant and stood out in the garden.

I loved the close-up peak into the center of the rose on the right.

Pretty in pink...

and a sunrise in a flower

Last but not least, one of my favorite shots.  This flower was brilliant in color and seated upon its throne was a perfectly contented spider.  I like to think it is a female.
I do hope you all enjoyed seeing the rest of the gardens.  And I do hope you like my photographs.


  1. Rose, you have such an eye for beauty! I just love it when you share your photos.

  2. I believe that one you didn't know the name of is a variety of clematis. Lovely photos, as usual. :)

  3. Very lovely flowers...and seeing the shot of the Bee on the Thalictrum makes me yearn for mine. I guess it didn't come up from the coast with all my other pots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Gorgeous pictures Rose. It's always fun snagging pics of the bees. Hubby and I visited the Carolinas a few years ago when the Dogwoods were all in bloom. Oh my, what a gorgeous sight. I love flowers and enjoyed seeing more of these garden beauties.

  5. Thank you for the Flowers from Rose. They are so beautiful,like youRose. It is
    wonderful how you captured all those shades, faces, and amazing shapes
    of color. Beautiful little friends in the garden. God is good all the
    time, even when we have our doubts. Please know that I enjoyed the flower show, and the beauty of your inner spirit.

  6. How utterly gorgeous!

  7. You always take us on the best field trips, Rose. Thanks for the tour.

  8. The male spiders usually have big pedipads (up front, near the head) that deliver sperm to the females. So yup, I'd say that's a female spider!

  9. Rose, you have and BEAUTIFUL soul! Thank you for share your work and your passion. I enjoyed everything! Love, Maria