Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Here is my Halloween poem.  It will surprise you all!  Enjoy!

LATE NIGHT DELIGHT (thanks to Poe’s Raven)

Once upon a midnight dreary, searching the internet, my eyes grew bleary,
and soon the words were dancing on the screen that I viewed.
Briefly nodding, nearly falling, suddenly my skin was crawling,
as if a spirit hovered near, setting off a fearful mood.
There’s nothing there,’ I whispered,
only thoughts misconstrued,
Only this and nothing more.’

As my fingers remounted the keys, suddenly I sensed a breeze,
and my eyes slowly glanced around my gloomy room.
Timidly I chanted a prayer, hoping there were no phantoms there,
as shivers crept up my spine, and the room felt like a tomb;
Stop this imagining!  Stop all this doom and gloom!
It’s in your mind, and nothing more.’

I observed the computer screen, and was shocked at the scene,
performed in graphic detail before my very eyes.
I viewed me seated in my chair, totally enrapt and unaware,
of a macabre creature standing silent behind me.
Far too frightened to look behind, and too terrified to flee-
There’s only me here, nothing more!’

Then the scene showed this specter, suck my blood like it were nectar,
and I heard an arousing moan as my spirit was transformed.
Next I viewed me turn and kiss the demon with corporeal bliss,
and soon we fell upon the bed and, well, …we performed.
As I watched, my fear was gone, and my cold body it had warmed-
Oh my goodness, please, I want more!’

Suddenly the screen went black, and I gave it a whack,
hoping to continue the scene that played before my eyes.
Pleadingly I loudly prayed, for a miracle to pervade,
and waken my computer from this untimely demise.
Nothing could make it work, it was dead I did surmise-
‘As usual, I’m left wanting more!'


  1. It looks as if Halloween changed into Valentine's Day! But damn your computer for leaving you unsatisfied!

  2. Happy Halloween! Great poem, still laughing on the second reading.

  3. A boo-ti-ful image of the season, enhanced by computer.
    I was unable to post a comment at your sight for whatever reason.

  4. Where can I get a computer like that!!! LOL

  5. Very clever, Rose.


  6. I want a computer like that, but one that does not break down at the height of the moment. wink wink!

  7. Wow Rose - that's different! -chuckle-
    Thanks for your message at my place, I'll be watching your posts. :)

  8. Ha ha - well written!

  9. Whoo Hoo. I didn't expect that. Way to go, Rose.