Monday, June 3, 2013


Gather a group of talented women writers into a garden with lots of food, wonderful conversation and a lovely day  add a variety of hats--and you have an enjoyable garden party. 
Then ask them all to pose for photos.

I wish I had taken many more photos. I had forgotten to bring my camera out to use until after a few people had left.  My mind was so frazzled as this was my first party in many years!
I am sure there will be more gatherings in my backyard haven.
Lisa N. did an amazing job on the front and back yards, and was such a wonderful friend to help me prepare.  I was so discombobulated as not used to this. Thanks Lisa!


  1. How awesome. I love the brown tone shots!
    I really would have had more fun at this party than where I was that day but am thrilled you remembered your camera eventually. :D

  2. Loved the pictures., Rose. It shows that we did have a wonderful time. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest.

  3. You were a perfect hostess,Rose. I felt so welcome and comfortable. The pics are wonderful.

  4. Thanks so much for hosting the perfect garden party! Love the pictures. Alice

  5. OH HOW I wish I could have been there! What a splendid bouquet of beauties.

  6. Rose! how exciting a garden party - and with all female writers! The wonderful photos bespoke of a tremendously successful gathering.
    The sepia photo is brilliant and I adore your floppy hat!

  7. Golly. Looks like a good time was had by all. Wish I could have been there, but helped Sue all day with her students' annual music recital. Hopefully next year.

  8. Lovely flowers in your garden! Sorry I had to miss it as well, but love the photos!

  9. Such lovely flowers in your garden! Sorry that I couldn't make it, but glad to see these wonderful photos.

  10. I love the hats! The black and white processing made me think for a minute that this party happened in the 30's. Love it!
    Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing.
    (Came over from Walkabout Wednesday)

  11. What fun. A garden party and all the hats are awesome! Great pics!

  12. It's wonderful, and imagine the next time it will be even better.

    Love love love the candid shots.


    Oh...and our Boo is exactly like your Kayla? I have a wand with some ribbons tied on it, and he loves chasing them through the house...and he doesn't even know he is getting exercise.

  13. Looks like a fun group!

    Rose, I also have a prompt blog:

    if you'd like to share a poem etc.. this week, re: the subject you mentioned at my poetry blog. Thanks so much for your kind, heartfelt words.

  14. Hi, My comment disappeared!

    Thanks so much re: your comment and heartfelt words today at My Poetic Path. I also have a prompt blog, if you'd like to share a poem etc..there too, this week's prompt is: Memories, coming up tomorrow.

    Looks like a fun group! I love the hats too.

    Take care, G

  15. I sure wish I could have been there. If only it were possible to clone myself. Then I could have been at the first birthday party I got to spend with my grandson and been able to go to your neat looking party. It would've been a stretch for me to wear a hat, though. I don't wear them as a general rule. :P

  16. Rose, I am late in thanking you for such a lovely get together. It was so nice to sit and visit your beautiful home. Dana

  17. Wonderful. Those pictures are so sweet, so candid. Everyone looks friendly; :-)