Saturday, December 28, 2013


I spent Christmas with my wonderful adopted family.  I have felt a part of the family of my dear and best friend, Sue, for a long time.  She and I have been closer than sisters and I could not have got through so many things, like the passing of my husband last year, if it had not been for her loving support.  And her family has been so accepting, caring and loving to me.  I treasure them.  Being able to share in their lives is such a blessing.  Thank you for making me your Nana Rose!
The tree!                                                Brogan (5) waiting to dive in!
Brogan, Maddie, and Bella (2)
The children
Man, this is tough to open!                           Wonder what this is?
    A robot!!!
A tea set!!!
Christina, mommy                                         Weston,daddy
Grammy Rita and Gramma Sue (my best friend Sue)
This is for you, mommy!                                       Look what I got.    
I like this cake that came with the tea set!              Wow! Two Lego sets!                 
MMM!  I like the cake.                    Mommy is drinking the tea I made.
A helicopter!!!
Grammy and grampa watch on.
Daddy likes this toy, too.
 Look gramma, a block game to play!
  Nana Rose got me a Hug Me Elmo! Yippee!              Here comes my robot Nana Rose.
Let me show you how this works, grampa.
Happy gramma (Sue)                      Bella helps open a gift.
Looks like daddy will be making Mickey Mouse waffles.
Gramma Sue loves this gift.
 Look at my pony and princess!
Woohoo! The car went fast!!
Grammy likes her new scarf.                      Brogan gets help from grampa.
Here comes the helicopter!
As the sun sets on the foggy evening, we all begin our Christmas meal.
It was a Merry Christmas.


  1. Oh how wonderful! The little ones sure put the light in the season, don't they?

  2. Thanks for sharing this family Christmas. We gave our grandson a helicopter too and his dad said he was going to play with it after Will went to bed. :-) Alice

  3. What wonderful friends to have embraced you as family. What a blessing for you. Now a Happier New Year.

  4. Can't believe how big those kids are getting! Glad your Christmas was merry, Rose!

  5. Nice to see kids excited about Christmas, mine have passed that stage. But on the other hand they now sleep late into Christmas morning, which in way is a small present for me.

  6. Rose, I am so happy that you got to share Christmas with this wonderful family! Sue sounds like such a fabulous best friend! Easy to see that she puts others before herself.

  7. Looks like the perfect Christmas! Wishing you strength and light for the coming new year.

  8. I'm so glad that you got to spend Christmas with those who love you, it's the perfect place to be.

    Thanks so much for the great recipe, can't wait to give it a try.


  9. Families come in many forms, held together by love and common bonds. This is so nice Rose. I'm glad you had a good Christmas, thanks for sharing these happy photos. :<)