Friday, February 7, 2014


Today I and my camera went for a little walk on my street.  I had planned a longer walk but the cold air was too hard on my lungs.  It was lovely to see the contrasts with the snow all over everything.
This is the view at the end of my cul-de-sac street just outside my door.
Tree shapes are enhanced, become lacy.
A crow ventures through the cold sky above me.
The 3 bushes above left are in my front yard as is the Japanese maple on right.
 A bird house and a chair in my backyard gardens.
A birdhouse!
More backyard birdhouses.
One of several backyard seating areas.
 The swirl of the cloud above the trees caught my eye. My attempt at painting a mouse on back of a bench.
This is one of the trees in my backyard which has an interesting twisting of branches enhanced by snow.
I think there are pinecones under this snow and thought they looked interesting with the snow on them.
The one on the left reminds me of a smiley face!!!!
So I leave you with this smile and warm thoughts


  1. What an artist you are with that camera. You walk in constant beauty. How wonderful for you!

  2. Beautiful! Almost makes me want to go outside and take pictures. Almost.
    Carol S.

  3. I was excited to see your blog notification come up in my email. What wonderful pictures, Rose. I absolutely love that mouse! (Good thing the snow-covered kitty hasn't seen
    it. ) :-)

  4. The smiley face reminds me of Kermit peeking through snow!

  5. Rose, you are a trooper braving the elements to bring us these utterly gorgeous winter wonderland images! And all in your own street - amazing!. (I tried to choose a favourite [it's a little game of mine] but I just couldn't!)
    Enjoy your snowy weekend and rug up!

  6. You got some nice closeups, as well as scenes. Brr..r..r...r
    Orice K.

  7. I do LOVE your photos! Roxie

  8. Beautiful pictures! Missed you at church the past few weeks.

  9. You can find beauty anywhere, even from your window, or near home! Now this is how I like to enjoy the snow, through photography, or from looking upward to our local mountains. Lynette

  10. Rose, these photos are gorgeous and I love your little painted mouse! I know you would be fabulous at water coloring!