Monday, May 26, 2014


We gather a lot of "stuff" throughout our lives and it seems we feel we are defined by it all. It all expresses our style, our "likes," our uniqueness, our feelings and often, in a way, reflects how we want people to see us--tidy or nonchalant, artistic, creative, unique, colorful, earthy--and we try to display our homes to show that.  
I have been sorting through all my life's accumulation, and carefully pondering each item.  I have realized that I am not defined by it all.  I also have come to realize that it is time to let go, to keep memories but release items.  I have given some to people I know who will appreciate and enjoy them. Some things I have donated so others can discover and display them.   It is like releasing a bird, and know it will land where it should.
The memories will always be with me, will live in my heart.
Oh, I am not getting rid of everything, but am definitely making my life lighter, the load less heavy.  
Eventually, when all is done, I will leave this home, and hope a sweet family will move in and create new memories here. I will begin a whole new life, a life at 60+, after 36 1/2 years of marriage and 1 1/2 years as a widow.  I guess you could say I have been through a lot of changes the last several years, and those who know me know the struggles. My sails are a little tattered but came through it all.  Some say I am stronger, though sometimes when alone I do not feel strong. Sometimes I cry for the losses.  But I also have treasures in my life--dear friends who care and are there for me, a wonderful church and Pastor who offers support, and a family who cheers me on. Most important and treasured of all is my dearest friend for the past 47 years, Sue.  I am thankful every day for her love and care.  She is one treasure I will always keep. 


  1. How beautifully you stated that, Rose. :)

  2. A bitter-sweet post - beautifully written.

  3. Oh, I have missed your writing.

  4. You have beautifully expressed the process of conscious transformation. Alice

  5. Great post! I'm old enough now to finally realize letting go is one of the toughest things a person has to do in life.

  6. Beautifully stated!! Kellie

  7. When I see people who have lost everything due to disasters, I finally realize that our family and friends are are that are really important. It's amazing how much "wisdom" we gain as we age, isn't it?

  8. ....keep memories but release items. Poignantly said Rose. I didn't realise you intended a move. Do let us know your progress Rose.
    What a treasure your dear friend Sue is. What a blessing.
    Thinking of you Rose during this time of transition which encompasses both sadness and pain, joy and happy memories, and the challenge of life's new chapters.
    Much love

  9. Rose this is so beautiful...and you know, at any stage of our lives we could use this advice. Beautiful words, and a even more beautiful realization.


  10. Beautifully said. We too are downsizing, eliminating, letting go .... some of it does not come easy. But it opens the door for new adventures.

  11. Rose, you have been through a lot the last few years. You are such a strong lady. I admire you deeply! I adore all of the treasures I have. Including those that you have sent me. But I also realize that they are just things and what matters most is people! I too will have to downsize some day. Or, who knows; I may just leave it for my kids to deal with . lol! I've told them to just open up the house and have an estate sale. If someone loves it as much as I did I will be smiling down from heaven.