Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is part two of my adventure through an environment of imagination and creativity at the event, ArtBurst.
I hope you all toured part one to see the beauty of the various kinds of art.  It inspires creative ideas.
Harvest Moon Arts is lovely jewelry with natural stones.  Paulann,I picture that turquoise and silver necklace on you!
Indio Metal Arts really drew me in with the creative shapes and movement of her metal work.  
The metal piece on far left of first picture was so unique and I could picture stained glass pieces and windchimes dangling from several of the shapes.  The center one curling its way to the sky I thought would be great as a unique trellis in the backyard of my friend, Beth.
The piece in photo on right had an Oriental flavor to it to me and would make a great wall in a garden.
And now let me introduce you to Insectworks by Jennifer Ivory. Her artwork is amazing.
She makes her butterflies and other insects from paper! Not one single piece is a real insect, but they do look so lifelike and most are 3-D.  I was so entranced!
 So beautiful and colorful!
And the detail is amazing.
They all look so real!!
I really loved them!
There was a display area  where artwork from the seniors who live in Mary's Wood was shown.
Here is a lovely picture quilt by Jacqueline Q.  She is such an artist in quilt making!
This quilt was made by Betty T., also from Mary's Woods, and I love her vibrant colors and design.
The following are also wonderful creations of Betty T.
These are a variety of various small quilts by residents as well.
Pottery by residents of Mary's Woods.
These paintings are by an artist named Jenny Armitage.  Love her color use.
So Beth, inspired to pick up paints and brush again?
Now we see the unique designs in pottery of Anneke Rovani & Riette Steyn. 
Their pottery is unique and functional!
Next I met Mr. R. Armstrong and his unique art using recycled wood.  I love re-purposing of things!
Some pieces actually looked like metal!
He also does sculpting.
Sara Bella Upcycled created purses from recycling plastic bags!!  
Another way to recycle and re-purpose.
I enjoyed this art piece by Miriam Fulks entitled SELF PORTRAIT.
You can see each side of a face and between them the chin, lips and nose.  
Peeling away the layers to expose the real person...or at least that's what I see. 
I met a lovely young lady named Sine (Si-neigh) Morse who creates hand-cut paper art.   That is her seated in center of photo.  The three-dimensional castle was so cool!
 Her lovely and colorful paper flowers would bring spring into your home all year round!
I was talking to her about possibly doing a class on paper cutting!  
Would be fun!
Next is the Playful Potter, Jenn Gavlin.
The bowls on left include chopsticks!  Made with a place to keep them, 
I thought they were unique and lovely!  And her clay leaves are way cool.
This is a painting by Thomas Boatright.  I am thinking of birch trees and fall colors.  
I enjoy the colors.
 The Twisted Gem jewelry really caught my eye. It has movement and such a natural feeling!
It dances.
 MotherNature would love to wear this one! It has agates, averturine, and freshwater pearls.
Vin Bijou jewelry was made with such pretty stones.
 I enjoyed the look of this yard art.  The trellis on left has ginko leaves made from metal!
The backyard furniture creations were lovely and functional.  The bases of the tables looked like trees!  
They were sculpted from concrete.
That is my last photograph, though does not show all that was there.  I wish I had made it to every booth!  
Next year...


  1. The dragonflies are my favorite....wow I can't believe they let you take so many photos.


  2. What a fun adventure! You really do make it look SO appealing!

    Now, for all of your art, could you use a mat cutter? We are trying to clean out the garage. You could mat photos creatively, mat up your poems, . . .

  3. You sure do take a lot of pictures. Did you have the artists permission to take them and post them? Copyright rules, you know. So are you going to sell your house and move in with Mom & Dad so they will stop hinting that we should?

  4. Those paper butterflies are wonderful! I always hated seeing real butterflies mounted in a frame after being suffocated in their prime. Those paper ones are better than dead insects.

  5. You are in a true art colony, such as Sedona. What a treasure! Lynnette

  6. Nice pieces, I'd easily go broke.

  7. WOW, Rose the natural talent, creativity and attention to detail with many of this art is simply mind boggling. What would we do without art to liven and brighten both our lives and the world!? A great and interesting post!

  8. from M: We used to go to all the local art shows every year and spend happy hours wandering the booths, talking with the artists. Miss that a lot. This is a great way to share some of the spirit of this arte faire with those of us who are no longer allowed in the sunshine or crowds. Thank you much, Rose, for sharing this excursion!

  9. Oh my gosh, I would've sworn those were real insects. Amazing talent! Love the pottery with the birds and always drawn to anything made of iron. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us Rose!

  10. So many lovely things. Those paper butterflies are amazing!

  11. Wow, I'd have so much fun at a show like this. Love the beautiful jewelry and those quilts are gorgeous!

  12. What a wonderful exhibit!! Those butterflies are amazing!

  13. Such talent! My favorites are the butterflies. I also love the metal art garden sculptures and jewelry. Hope your week is going well!