Friday, October 31, 2014


I have been shopping for a few things for my new home and wanted to share a few of my finds.
I found a great side chair that is very roomy.  The color will go with most everything!
I love the carvings on it.
I found another chair as well with a needlepoint seat with a rose on it. It also has carvings. I would like to change the wood color. See the detail in the carving--a rose!
The table below will get a paint job.  I loved the little details on legs and front.
Then I found this great lamp marked $18!!!
I also discovered this piece which used to be the back of an ornate chair.  I am not sure exactly what I will make from it (add hooks to hang my antique beaded purses?) but do plan to paint it as well.
I set it on the chair I bought to get the photo.
I fell in love with these 2 orphan saucers--they have roses!!!
These 2 cup and saucer sets also spoke to me! "Take me home, Rose!"
 Who could pass up these cute little knickknacks.  Not me!
 Once I get moved I will put everything in its perfect place!!!
I hope that will happen soon!!
I got all of these for $104!


  1. Where did you go for these lovely finds? What a deal, and so very "Rose!"

  2. Hi Rose, Great bits and pieces here, LOVE that first chair. I actually have 8 of those chairs with the rose relief carving in them. 4 belonged to hubby's grandmother and I have picked the other 4 up over the years I use them in my dinette. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  3. Gorgeous purchases.Anything with roses on it is a good thing to get.

  4. My goodness Rose it would pay to accompany you on a shopping trip!! I can't believe you got all of that for such that princely sum! Well done I say! Truly it's all just gorgeous, and I just can't wait to see everything and how you decorate! :)

  5. You are a fantastic shopper! Everything was exquisite and reasonable. You must have a secret place to shop for antiques and special items. I can hardly wait till you finish your new place. Lynette

  6. I must have done something wrong because my comment isn't showing! Here goes try #2. Fabulous finds! I love everything. You might want to check on your second chair before changing the color though; if it's an antique you want to leave the original finish. (according to the experts on Antiques Road Show). Alice

  7. Oh Rose, you found some beautiful things! Yes those Roses needed to come home with you!! Love the dishes and the chairs are fabulous! I think the back piece is perfect for displaying your beaded purses too.