Saturday, July 25, 2015


A friend posted a writing prompt on passing through portals.  Since I celebrated turning 63 years old yesterday (thank you to the many dear ones who sent greetings via Facebook) it made me think upon my life. So I ended up writing this and wanted to share.

We are passing through many portals in our lives; from crawling to walking to exploring our environment. We move from a home where we are cared for and sheltered to a home where we must take care of ourselves and start our own home. We learn to read, write and so much more to be able to transition to school and a job. Always passing through portals.
I look back on the ones I have gone through as I add another year to my tally. At 21 (I was a late bloomer!) I learned how to drive and moved into a duplex near the library I worked at but a city away from my parents. Independence declared (though still did dine and do laundry at my parents home). Two years later at 23 I married Clay and passed through another portal with my soul mate. We walked through more together, sharing life, experiences, and always learning. I so enjoyed the many adventures we took together and sharing them with someone who loves you makes them memorable. Some portals you must move through are ones you would rather close and avoid.
The one Clay and I went through together in adopting our son was amazing. We had years of enjoying him. When he chose to walk down a different path and chose a door leading away from us, it broke our hearts. More portals led me to having to watch my wonderful husband deteriorate with disease and dementia, and I had no control to change things. This portal taught me to adapt. The most difficult portal was to move through the 37th year of marriage and to have to say good bye to him forever as he faded into God's arms and away from mine.
I then passed through another into a new beginning, a new adaptation, but not alone. I was strongly supported by friends and family who had been there all the while.
I do not know how many more I must go through, what they will lead to, but I feel sure I will be able to handle anything that comes along for I have been blessed.
And Clay is watching over me.


  1. Every sunrise is a new beginning. Every time you step through your front door, you have passed through a portal to possibilities. (Your back door leads only to the garbage can and the garage. Not much excitement there, unless you get possums or another fuse fire (God Forbid!))

    All to often we don't recognize the portals until we hear the door slam shut behind us. At the jail, I ran into so many people who had that one drink too many, or drove just a little too fast. It's too bad those doors aren't as clearly marked as the ones of graduation, driver's license, birth, death, marriage, birthdays. It's a good thing to pause and evaluate life once a year. Do we want to continue in the same direction? Are we happy with whom we have become? What changes are possible and how can we accomplish them?

    I always enjoy your posts, Rose, and hope to start hearing more of your poetry soon.


  2. A beautiful, thoughtful post. So many portals are gateways to dreams coming true (or so we think) and then there are the portals we face with dread. Perhaps if we can think of them as gateways on a path to greater possibilities and understanding. And how sweet it is to have friends, family, and loved ones who walk with us even if our paths diverge at times. In the end, surely there is a reunion of spirits and kindred souls.

  3. That is so well written and expresses the stages of life so well. Belated Happy Birthday.I do agree that some of the portals we are forced to go through are very difficult,but always God is with us on that journey.

  4. Very thoughtful piece, Rose. It is comforting to know there is always yet another portal to open before us. Though the new doorway may not be what we expected. Happy belated b-day!

  5. Such a heartfelt post, Rose and so very true. We are all going through those portals and we never really know where they will lead until we are looking back. I guess all we can hope for is a life well lived and soul lessons learned, and family and friends to help us on our way. I think you have accomplished that and much more. Happy Birthday, dear friend and many blessings as you start a brand new year. Hugs xo Karen

  6. Hi Rose, what a wonderful and touching writing about the journey and path of your life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many blessings this new year of life. You are an inspiration and I admire your strength and courage.
    Blessings to you, cm

  7. Thanks for the good read Rose and Happy Birthday!

  8. This is beautiful! Happy belated Birthday! :)

  9. This was a very, very beautiful post to read. It made me feel all weird, tears were forming in my eyes and at the same time I felt uplifted by your words.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday ~ What a heartfelt glimpse into your life and the many portals you have passed through.

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear husband. I lost mine Dec. 2012, we were married for 43 years. It's good that you have family and friends to support you.

    May you feel God's love, peace and strength flowing through and surrounding you at all times.


    (I cam here via Cindy's blog.)

  11. Love this post! Happy Belated Birthday. So very touched and sorry for your loss.

  12. What a moving post. You describe the doorways we go through so well.