Thursday, September 3, 2015


I like pretty things, don't we all?  Now I am going to share a few with you all.
In this one display cabinet I have many items, one shelf holding perfume bottles.
Here you can see a few favorites and the birds flying through the glass!
The blue bird and hummingbird are 2 pieces-one goes on the inside of the glass and one on the outside, and they join with magnets inside! I'd bought them years ago at a garage sale for 50 cents each!
Here is my lovely sugar and creamer bowl --bone china from England. Have had for several years and had bought for only $3 for the set! Always felt it was a good deal. Love the details in the painting on them.
This is a bowl about 4 inches round and 2.5 inches tall. It is hand painted and has a china spoon (you can see the gold handle) but there is no marking on the bowl. It is pretty and I think I paid $2 for it. Yes, that is a jackalope on the left! My friend, Linda A., bought it for me after hearing me read a poem about my youth. My dad kept us busy in the car on vacations from California to Missouri by telling us to count jackalopes and we counted thousands. They became extinct eventually as we grew up.
I have a small collection of cups and saucers.  They are all bone china from England. I am very particular so it kept the collection down to a minimum!
This set is delicately painted with gold highlighted by a few pink roses. Isn't is lovely!?
The oval box is one I picked up when in England long ago. 
 The set below had caught my eye because it had lovely scenes and painting inside the cup. 
Being from England, it is appropriate that it has cottages!
I loved how this set had a natural scene! You can see the back of the cup in the reflection. It is painted all around the cup and the trim inside as well. English bone chine is so lovely!
Another look at two of the sets. You can also see my prince of a frog box!
 I love the two iridescent plates! They show such a rainbow of colors.  The tiny creamer and sugar bowl says Napcoware Import Japan on the bottom. My grandmother have given them to me about 53 years ago and I think they are for a child's tea set as are only 2 inches tall.I love the cup in the foreground, also from England!
Here you see the inside of the cup, which is painted in detail. You also see the set behind it, which has the inside painted as well, and the exterior and plate has a hint of green color. Can you tell I like flowered cups! The spoons to the left and just seen in bottom of photo were hand painted ones I got from an artist years ago for a couple dollars. As for my cups and sets, I have never paid more than $5 for any of them! I hunt for deals!
 The lovely pitcher is from France, given to me by my in-laws years ago after a trip they took. On the bottom it says Lallier a Moustiers. My mother-in-law said they are expensive but I have not seen one like it so not sure.
This is a paperweight I got at the aquarium which shows a "jelly fish" inside and the material used in the glass glows in the dark when exposed to light! Just like some of the real ones!
Here is a salt and pepper set I picked up at a rummage sale. It is two intertwined dragons holding the shakers. There are markings on the bottom but I cannot read them.  I paid $3!!
The lovely lady holding a cat statuette caught my eye at the same rummage sale and I just had to get her for $3!  The 6 inch tall perfume bottle has a lovely iridescence to it and the dauber lid reaches all the way to the bottom of the jar.  It is such thin, delicate glass!
Now I must show you Roxie Doll.
She is cloth and was made by an artist. I picked her up for $4 at a garage sale! 
Not long ago I found the fainting couch at an antique store. I could picture her reclined upon it right away!  It has nice carving in the wood. They had it marked $55 and I said too much. But something told me to offer a lower price. They called the guy who had the booth to ask if he would take $20 and he said YES because it had been there a long time.  I was so surprised!
I once posed her seductively and photographed to make blank cards to sell. I gave a set to my dear friend, Roxie, since I named the doll after her! You can see the cards here:
She (my friend) has quite the personality and is a one-of-a-kind woman!
I hope you enjoyed a look at some of my "pretties."


  1. What beautiful things you have, Rose. Each is a little work of art; together they comprise an Ali Bab treasury. Thanks for sharing. Alice

  2. You have certainly surrounded yourself with beautiful collections, Rose. A feast for the eyes indeed.

  3. Your cups and plates are exquisite!

  4. I'm having trouble posting a comment, and I so enjoyed your post today! You have such an eye for beauty. Your pretties are arranged as artfully as an interior decorator would set them. Well, duh, you ARE an interior decorator. You just don't get paid for it (yet)
    And I do love my naughty Roxie Doll cards. I have startled and amused many, many friends with them. Thank you again, you clever girl! Roxie M.

  5. What a beautiful curio cabinet, Rose! It has just the items I would expect you to enjoy, too. Lynette

  6. If you ever decide to sell things, put me at the top of your list of contacts! I love your picks! Sue

  7. Rose, I loved seeing all of your pretties! The cottage teacup and saucer really go nicely with your sugar and creamer. Loved hearing about them too. Ha, Ha, I remember seductive Roxie!

  8. So, so lovely, Rose. I especially love the magnetic birds. How clever.

  9. You have some really pretty items. My favorite piece was the paperweight with the jelly fish. Unusual.

    Have a great day and weekend ~ FlowerLady

  10. Such a lovely collection to bring you joy as you look at it every day. And the stories behind each help make the collection more dear--the collection of a lifetime of memories. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Hi Rose, your gorgeous treasures are stunning. I Love the cottage teacups and plates. Your collection is outstanding and filled with special memories. Love the darling Roxie doll and the fainting sofa was a great find too.
    Have a nice holiday weekend. cm

  12. You do have some pretty things Rose-thanks for sharing them!