Saturday, October 31, 2015


I know this is late, better for next year, but had to share these wonderful ideas.  In this first blog:
Adorable and easy ideas to decorate pumpkins with markers.
This next website has  25 unique ideas to use pumpkins in easy ways:
Here are a few of my favorites from the site.
painted pumpkinGold Guilded Pumpkins button pumpkinno-paint pumpkin
Fall Craft Crochet Projects
 Yet another site which had an idea I loves using stockings:
I loved the many cat pumpkin ideas found on pinterest:
  Kitty Pumpkinmake this cute cat and mouse pumpkin pairCreate a cute halloween pumpkin cat
And the adorable Grumpy Cat ( I like to think sad cat) pumpkin:
And we cannot forget the Victorian style at these 2 sites:
glam pumpkin 
Oh, and a bit of country flair using decoupage:

Stylish pumpkins sites:
I hope these wonderful people inspire you all!  I am inspired for next year!


  1. So many gorgeous pumpkins! I love the pumpkins arranged with a tree silhouette. xoxo Su

  2. This is a great collection of ideas! Funny grumpy cat! haha! So nice that you stopped by to see my shop pics! I have heard about Aurora in Oregon! I'm sure I will get there some day. We have friends and family in Portland. Happy November!

  3. Beautiful post Rose.... nothing like that here! I love the photo of you in the sidebar - gorgeous! and the CATIO is brilliant! love it! Good to see all is well in your world dear Rose... x

  4. Love all the pumpkin inspiration-now I just have to remember it for next year! LOL!

  5. Fun ideas. The cats are my favorite!

  6. Those pumpkins are adorable!

  7. looks like lots of people have been having fun decorating those pumpkins! Have a great week.

  8. I LOVE pumpkins and I love eating anything with pumpkin in it too. :-) These are all pretty but I still prefer a good ole' jack o lantern! :-)

  9. So many creative ideas, Rose! I missed Halloween this year, hope you post this before the next Halloween, too! Hope you have a good week - we might get frost tonight! Brrrrrrr! Thank you for your sweet visits. xo Karen

  10. Hi Rose,
    Wow! I wish I could create those beautiful pumpkins! Love the lacy ones. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas! Happy November! Karen

  11. Oh gosh, cute Rose! Love the tree. You shared lots of fun ones. I often spray my pumpkins gold after Thanksgiving and use them for Christmas outdoor décor. This year I'm going more cutesy outside.