Thursday, November 19, 2015


I am still continuing working on getting my home finished up.  I have one more room to be painted and a couple room ceilings.  I have added some decor!  I want to share these touches. This is a curio cabinet I bought to put my unicorn collection into. The collection was thinned down, believe it or not.
I painted little shelves and a metal decor piece and hung in my kitchen around the window.
I placed a few angels there for now.
I found the cat vase and cat tea kettle at a thrift store for $2 each. 
They were so cute and I do love cats!
This is a little needlepoint kitty I made and placed on the valance in my livingroom.
The little molded kitty was a 50 cent find at a thrift store, too. Did I tell you I like cats?
I needed a clock in the livingroom and found an inexpensive black plastic one which I dabbed with turquoise paint to make it fit the colors of the rooms. I like how it came out!
I hung up some of my photographs that I had done on canvas.  
I have 2 more canvases coming. I like how my photographs look on canvas!
I hung up a few art pieces I have picked up along the last year. These are painted on wood.

The one on the left says: The mind determines what is possible. The heart surpasses it.-Pilar Coolinta
The one on the right says: Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.-Henry David Thoreau
The above are 3 dimensional and cut paper but difficult to get good photos due to the glass. I like the words Dream and Imagine. I have them and the above wood ones in my craft/photo workroom.
This one is cut paper layered to make a forest scene and says  
Every sunrise is a message from God, and every sunset His signature.
Isn't that beautiful!!
One day I managed to get a couple shots of the fall color before the rain started falling.
God's splendor in all its glory!


  1. looks like you are having a wonderful time redecorating. Have a great weekend ahead.

  2. As always, your keen eye for the inspirational and lovely amaze me. Your photos of the autumn foliage are absolutely breathtaking. ~ Alice

  3. Very lovely. The fall colors are gorgeous.

  4. Wonderful updates, Rose - love your unicorn collection and all your sweet kitties. Beautiful wall art, too. The canvas photos are really nice and I like all your inspirational art. It always makes me happy when I decorate and I can tell you love it, too! Beautiful fall color - I hate to see it fade away. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo K

  5. Hi Rose, you have been busy and your decor is so pretty. Love your unicorn collection. The kitties you found are treasures. Love that teapot. Your canvas works are beautiful. Have a great weekend xo

  6. What lovely art and unicorns! The house is looking great.

  7. Your artists eye is maturing and your life is too. I'm am so happy for you. 💕