Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 Maria Muldaur was one of the singers I fell in love with in the 70's.  A great singer, she was famous for her song MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS. I decided a while back to write a bit of a romantic poem about a couple of her songs due to a writing prompt.  I am also including a couple of her songs for you to hear.


I travel down the bump and grind road
My body forced into an unintentional
Lap dance in the driver’s seat.
The A/C on the fritz, windows are down
yet steamy air does not lessen my sweltering.
Clothing adheres to my damp skin,
shivers run up my spine; I shudder.

Radio reception bad, I pop in
 my homemade CD of Maria Muldaur songs
instantly starting off with Don’t You Feel My Leg.
Her sultry bluesy voice fills the van,
eases into my essence, the ebb and flow
makes me undulate like a wave.

Heat begins to flow from the outside
to the inside of my body, surging,
pulsing to the beat.

As she slips into her song
It Ain’t the Meat It’s the Motion
I shudder, my sensations stimulated,
aroused by the words, the heady atmosphere.

I feel sensual as I pull up to the cabin and see
him, shirtless, hair tousled, approaching
as I descend from the atmosphere of the van.
“You look flushed. You want some cold water?”
The CD in one hand, I take his hand in my other,
kiss his neck and, smiling, move to the cabin
to share the experience with him

and maybe give a lap dance.

Rose Lefebvre ©



  1. She was one of my favorites. Saw her in concert at PSU in the 60s it was fun.

  2. Boy does that music take me back a few notches. Great poem too.

  3. I remember hearing this one in the writer's group!

  4. I LOVE Maria Muldaur! I wore out the cassette tape I had back then! Love your steamy writing, Rose!

  5. Hi Rose, Love Maria Muldaur's music. Your writing is amazing and certainly set the scene for thinking past that cabin door!!
    Thanks for sharing the music too and for stopping by the Texas fall blog tour. Have a great week and Happy October!