Thursday, May 18, 2017


The death of my father-in-law hit me hard. One day I needed to get out in nature to"bathe" in its calming effect.  It always helps me to calm and renew and think when I take time with the natural settings of our world.  So I found a short hike that was rated easy right across the river in West Linn, OR called Camissa Park.  It was a mile if you do not go off on other pathways and stick to the main one. I knew I would be slow with my cane and camera and did not mind. I had plenty of time. The Camissa flower was blooming in multitude as well as several other blue, purple, yellow and white varieties. I do not know what the others were, but it made for lovely color and scent.
It was lovely and peaceful, not many other hikers to encounter.
It is a pretty and scented flower which seemed to be in two shades of blue. The bees and butterflies loved darting through the area.
Here you can see the Camissa as well as other pink and purple flowers. Gorgeous! I was told the time I was there was the peak of the blooming.
This plant was unique and I had to get close-up of it.
This flower reminded me of a viola but know it was not.
The white flowers with the Camissa reminded me of a clover.
Wild roses were also growing!
This one I had never seen before. Very delicate and star-like.
At one spot I could see Mt. Hood, still snow covered, off in the distance, framed perfectly by the mossy tree. 
Here is a better shot of Mt. Hood off in the distance. I love the variation of the color of the trees.
These flowers are not blackberry flowers, but another star-like tiny kind.
Now continue the walk in thoughtful, peaceful silence and hear the sounds of birds, breeze, and buzzing insects.
The walk was good for me, my first little hike for quite a while!
I hope to do more as I strengthen.
My heart felt much better and my soul was lifted.
I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. WOW!!!! What a wonderful walk you had. Thank you for sharing the peaceful beauty of it. My heart has been made lighter and my soul lifted by this post.

    Our God is an awesome God.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. What wonderful pictures! You have such an erring eye for beauty and your composition is amazing. So glad you were able to take that winding walk among the trees, flowers, and, well, Nature with a capital N. Thanks for sharing. Alice

  3. Beautiful, peaceful and restorative shots.

  4. Such a refreshing walk. Love the color and your thoughts.

  5. Some of these would make lovely paintings.

  6. What a blessing for you. And what a tonic. It will be interesting to return at different times of the year and enjoy the changes. Roxie

  7. Very pretty, thanks for posting. Carrol

  8. Oh wow! Scenes like that are sure to lift the spirit and warm the heart.Thanks for sharing these beautiful, peaceful scenes.

  9. So good to see you up and around, even though slowly. I'm in a full arm cast for a few more weeks, due to a broken wrist, so I now know the feeling of helplessness and depending on others. Thank God for my precious husband. Thank God for your precious friends. Lynnette

  10. Rose, I'm so proud of you. I hope you didn't get too tired. And what gorgeous pictures. Beth

  11. I really like those pictures you took, especially the one of Mt. Hood. It reminds me of Mt. Saint Helen in Washington State. I love that State. Appreciate the awesome pictures. Steve P.

  12. My goodness what a beautiful spot! Your photos are lovely! I feel the same about nature.