Monday, September 18, 2017


Saturday, September 16th, I went to Main St. in my town of Oregon City to stroll the Cruise-In and admire the vehicles on display.  I have a thing for older vehicles as their lines are lovely, and those grills--wow!  So without further ado, here are some of the beauties displayed.
 The red one is a 1922 Ford and black is a 1937 Ford.
Both of these are 1939 Fords. Love how the red one has checkerboard painted engine compartment.
1940 Bonneville and 1940 Chevy pickup.
The two-tone is a 1947 Plymouth and the pale green a 49 Chevrolet. LOVE the Plymouth!
Both are Chevys, different colors!
Both are 1957, but the blue is an Austin Healey and the red a Chevy. Love the Austin color!
Turquoise is a 1929 Ford. black is 1934 Ford.
Gorgeous 1928 Willys coupe and a Cobra 427, do not know year.  
I have no idea what kind of car this is. It is large and has unusual rear end.  
Cute colors! First station wagon??
1976 Ford Bronco! My brother has one he is restoring. First I have ever seen at a show!
A Fairlaine and a Camero, do not know years.
Two sexy Corvettes. I love the black one!
Here is a Mustang GT! Hey Heather, this one is for you! My niece has one!
My next post will be part two, artistic views of vehicles!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Love oldies, like me! Though most are much older than me.

  2. I drove a '47 Plymouth in high school. Also two tone: root beer brown and vanilla cream. Not near as shiny as this one, though.

  3. Learned to drive on a 1939 Chevey and when MoM sold it We got a 1948 Chevey. Need to see if I can find some pictures of them. It probably was like the 1949 in your photo. Love all the photos Such nice care and so well taken care of. Kudos to your good photography. Love Mom

  4. So cool, Rose! Carina