Friday, July 6, 2018


June 16th 2018 Randy and I enjoyed the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Canby, Oregon at the county fairgrounds.  It was fun to see the various vendors and people in costumes and watch shows.  The day was nice and we enjoyed every moment.  The jousting and sword fights were so exciting.  There were four countries represented--Scotland, Spain, England and France.  We were cheering for the Scottish representative. You will soon see why...
Her Majesty and one of the Lords.
French fighter
Scottish fighter
Scotland and English fighters
Scotland against Spain!
England fighter
Love the Scots!!!!!
Scotland against Spain
France and England
It was great fun and excitement.
I highly recommend the Renaissance Pleasure fair to everybody!
Love the Scots!!!

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  1. So exciting! I see why you liked Scotland's champion...whoooeeee! Sherri