Thursday, September 6, 2018


August 25th Randy and I went to the Car Show in Canby. It is a huge event there and there were 600 cars registered and shown!  Randy displayed his Porsche and we took time to walk around and see the other vehicles there. Some very unique ones! Here are my photos from that day!
1936 Ford pickup
1936 International pickup
1937 Chevy                                         1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner
1955 Belair
1958 Edsel
1930 Ford
1940 Dodge sedan
1940 Ford V8
This colorful car drew a lot of attention!
Another Triumph
Thunderbird! Isn't she pretty!!
Rolls Royce--ahhh yes!
Pontiac--very unusual color.
Blue Ford
Last but not least is Randy with his pride and joy--his Porsche!
I have so many photos!
Next post will show my artistic looks at some of the vehicles!


  1. What beautiful old cars. Automobiles had such class in those days! Thanks for sharing these stunning photos! Alice

  2. I think I can tell which car is your artistic favorite, Rose. Lynnette

  3. Awesome!! Look at all those beauties! Randy's porsche is gorgeous.

    That Pontiac with the unusual color looks so much like a hot rod that my dad owned, gorgeous color in deed!
    The blue Ford at the end of your photo's looks just like the type of race car my dad drove in his younger years racing stock cars. Boy, this is like walking down memory lane for me, because of my dads love for cars and all those he restored over the years.
    He would enjoy your postings of the car shows you attend if he were alive.

    Thank you for sharing with us ~

  4. These old cars and trucks are beauties and like sculptures.

  5. Many of those cars were not considered old when I was young! Girl, you are looking good! RR

  6. What a great post to stumble upon! Wow - 600 cars - what fun! A beautiful and colorful assortment of classics. Thanks for sharing your photos.