Thursday, May 9, 2019


May 8th my boyfriend, Randy, and I attended our first paint nite event. I had friends who had tried it and had a great time, so wanted to experience it as well.  It was so much fun! For being inexperienced we both did quite well!
This is the picture we were painting, each person allowed to add their own variations.

Humble far we are doing good! 
Randy's is the one on the left and mine next to it.
Randy took it very seriously, pondering each stroke!!!
I giggled and had fun through the whole event.
Here I am with our masterpieces. Randy's is closest to me and mine is the next one.
I had made an error in painting so had to change my view so that my parts of the island were close-up and bigger trees. I had accidentally started to paint the island at the top of trees in my pic so thus had to hide it all! Worked well tho lost most of the colorful sunset oranges.
Randy did not lose his and did very well!
My Randy Rembrandt!
Look at these amazing paintings! Any offers?
Our first artistic endeavors!
I highly recommend trying this. So much fun!


  1. Wonderful effort and beautiful results and
    love your smiles

  2. Looks like you both had fun and now have pictures to relive the memories.

  3. Wow! Both of you are artistic! Looks like you are having so much fun. Good to see you happy! Sharon

  4. Beautiful paintings, Rose and sounds like a fun time together! So nice to have the keepsakes, too! xx

  5. I missed this post before, Rose. What fun! I am glad you and Randy are able to do so many things together. He is a good sport!!!! Great job on the paintings. xo Diana

  6. I think you both did very well and looks like you had lots of fun. I hope you get to do more. Have a great week.