Saturday, March 21, 2020


Randy and I went on a drive to get out of the house. First we went to Milo McIver State Park and strolled.  Then we drove on a road just going nowhere but enjoying nature. It was wonderful!
Never encountered anyone.
Here is Randy with Charlotte.
 Great view of Mt. Hood from a viewpoint at Milo McIver.
 Views of the river from McIver viewpoint.
 Wildflowers were blossoming in the grass.
Then we continued our drive.
Here are views as we drove down the road.  Turns out the road leads to Detroit Lake! 
We saw an eagle flying overhead!

We saw an unusual sight in the sky as we drove along. I just had to take a photo. 
I thought it looked like a strange eye!
 It was wonderful to escape and just breathe fresh air and see nature at its best!
I am so uplifted when I get to escape.


  1. How beautiful Rose that you and Randy could go and be outside and see no one. What great views of nature. I am sure that helped so much with cabin fever. Stay safe.

  2. Thank you, Rose. I spent many happy hours hiking through McIver Park with my faithful dogs, Chip, and then Nushka. I so appreciate getting a front row seat to the beautifies of McIver. Alice

  3. Getting out into nature is so refreshing . You have great pictures to share as well.

  4. Exquisite, fresh scenes of nature! Stay safe! Lynnette

  5. Great photos taken at McIver Park and around. Alice

  6. Beautiful! Marie France

  7. Beautiful picture! I am so glad you have Randy during this crazy time. I took the boys to the beach today and they swam - gorgeous day here. I need to get out once a day to the water to keep my sanity. Hate being isolated.Stay well and healthy and happy Rose!
    Love, Sophie

  8. Thank you so much, Rose. Love this post.

  9. Great pics. Yes...getting away from and into nature...easier to keep social distance. Stay well.

  10. Thanks again for your amazing photographs. Alice