Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am going to sell.  This is a big step for me that I am making alone.  It is a difficult one as well.  
But I need to downsize and save money, and since hubby passed, it is too much.
My kitchen
View from kitchen garden window
dining room. The table is 8 ft long and plenty of room in there!
formal living room
You can see entry door off to right.
entry (see Mooshoo on rug & my photo on wall)

Looking from kitchen across dinette area into family room. The tv on the right is going away and will be replaced with the one on the left.
built-in desk area off to the left of family room and dinette area
bedroom 1
 bedroom 2
bedroom 3 (also called bonus room)
master bedroom-it is very large with vaulted ceilings but hard to show in photos. It has long hallway into it and has 2 closets--1 large walk-in and one very long wall closet.
 master bath--it has deep soaking tub with sky light over it, shower and toilet in separate part of bathroom
view from all of the bedroom windows at huge back yard. The yard goes back further from the white picket fence into the "forest" I have. It has pathways through it with fir trees, oak trees, hazelnut trees, holly tree, and many plants. There are sitting areas to enjoy the birds and squirrels.
There is a bathroom downstairs that I forgot to photograph, and another guest bathroom upstairs with granite counter top that I forgot to photograph. I think they call it 2 1/2 baths.
The house is on a cul-de-sac, has a lot that is about 1/3 acre, and has the greatest neighbors which I will miss!  Everyone tells me it will sell fast.


  1. Very nice, should have no prob selling. Going through the selling thing too. Cuz Carrol

  2. You have such a beautiful house, Rose. Hope it sells for the asking price and that you find the "cottage" of your dreams in just the right area.

  3. Wishing you good luck with the sale and relocation. This is a huge step to take,but you can do it.

  4. I will be shocked if you don't have a contract by week's end. Rose this home is truly magnificent, both the house itself and the gardens. The new owners will adore it and make happy memories. I can only begin to imagine the myriad of emotions you are feeling whilst carrying through with this decision. I do hope you will share where you will be and what your plans are post-sale.
    Be assured my love and best wishes are beside you as you negotiate this new journey.

    1. I agree -- I can't wait to hear the story of your next home, and see the photos!

  5. It's a big step and you are brave to take it. Good for you!
    Let the bidding war commence.

  6. Rose it's beautiful, what a hard decision to make, but I know it will sell quickly.

    I love the flagstones in front of the gate...have plans for something like that here one day.


  7. What an adventure! Your home is beautiful, and I agree with Rose from Oz, I hope you share the photos and stories as you find your next home. I'd say you're "following a whim" in some ways here! : )

  8. I agree with Rose from Oz -- I hope you'll share photos and stories from your adventure finding your next home. You're selling a beautiful home, and I can only imagine how lovely the next one will be. You're "following a whim" in some ways, Rose! : )

  9. Rose, your home is beautiful! I think it will sell fast also. Love the gardens and both the inside and out have been so well kept. You have made a lot of memories in this home and they will forever remain in your heart. I know that it is a bit hard giving up something that you have loved for so long. I felt the same way about our previous home. We had lived in it 22 years and raised our family there. It took a while, but now this is home to us! Best of luck my sweet friend!

  10. I hope all goes well and it sells quickly, which I think it will. After all, it sparkles, too!

  11. That is one beautiful home. And will surely sell in no time. So sorry about your husband' s passing, must be very hard. I am your new follower.
    All the best in selling your property.


  12. That's a really lovely home, Rose. Lovely minimalist furnishings with lots of uncluttered space to put the mind at peace. I hope you get a great price from new owners who will really appreciate it.

  13. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband,Rose. Your home is beautiful, wishing you luck with a speedy sale. Our home is on the market too, so I know the stress that brings. Hoping that you find a new home that is just right for you:)

  14. What a lovely house! I hope you find another equally lovely place.

  15. It is a beautiful home, it will go fast.

  16. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. Your home is lovely and I hope the right people come along soon.

    Best Wishes in finding a new place to love.


  17. Your home is gorgeous! Probably a tough decision to sell...but the right one if it's too much to keep up with. Good luck!!

  18. I'm sure it will sell quickly, it is beautiful! I'm sorry you need to sell. It was something I didn't have to contemplate after my hubby passed because it was paid off, thank God! I'll be thinking of you! Blessings, Cindy

  19. Hello Rose, thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate you stopping by. You certainly have a lovely house and I expect it has many happy memories for you - it's huge and I am sure someone will buy it very quickly. What a brave adventure for you - to start all over in a new place/home - hope you will have a beautiful garden and room for lots of wild life in your new home - happy hunting and blessings for your plans. Betty

  20. I'm sorry that you lost your husband. Good luck selling your beautiful house. It looks like it's in move-in ready condition.


  21. It is a huge step to sell a house, but I'm sure it'll be a relief when your home sells and you're settled in a new place.
    I trust all goes smoothly for you, Rose. Your home is lovely with a beautiful yard!
    Mary Alice

  22. Lovely spot. Lovely house. Difficult decision for you, no doubt. May it all go well for you.

  23. Beautiful home! I'm sure it is a hard decision but it will be best for you, you'll be able to find something smaller and make it beautiful with personal touches. I have my house up for sale too, I'm an empty nester as well and even though my house is only 1,800 square feet it still feels a tad too big. I'm looking for a fixer upper that I can put my own spin on :o)