Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have renewed a previously written poem.  It is usually good to put one away and then return to it with a new perspective. We have had on and off rainstorms here in Oregon, so this was written on that subject. I hope you enjoy it.


Rivulets of rain carved wrinkles
in the earth; feathered clouds
depleted of energy now
glide listlessly overhead.

Worms, expelled from sodden soil,
form mysterious script  on the path,
native code talkers writing
alien communication.

Liquid diamonds quiver on a strand
 of spider silk, a bracelet adorning
the uplifted arm of a redbud tree
swaying to a rumba beat.

Rain-pasted leaves craft
a collage of natural hues
alongside the river running russet
with torn flesh from mountains.

Along the worn path miniature craters
comprise a moonscape
as wind wafts diminutive swells
across scattered puddles.

The fragrance of moist grass
is a heady aroma,
an aide memoire of
renewal and growth.

Returning home as rain begins again
I gaze through the icy window,
witness the writing of water
across it, and covet its clarity.

Rose Lefebvre


  1. This is lovely, Rose.....'Liquid diamonds quiver'....Love that! You should post this on 'Wednesday Wit and Wisdom'! You can find the link at the bottom of my post. Happy Easter, my Dear! x Karen

  2. I especially enjoy the verse about the worms. "Native code-talkers writing." In the first verse, though, I'm confused. "Feathered clouds depleted of energy or now glide listlessly overhead." Is there a typo ? "...or now..." doesn't seem to fit.
    Love your rich and varied vocabulary.

  3. Rose it's clear from this poem that your creative juices are flowing brilliantly. I loved the tea set and I'm looking forward to seeing how the bi-fold screen paints up. Great to catch up with you Rose. Easter blessings.