Saturday, January 7, 2017


It started snowing this morning around 10 am, took a lunch break for about one hour, and then continued its falling from these pewter skies (love calling them pewter as that is the color they have). 
The wind blasts off and on and makes it look more like smoke when it does!  I bet it is very cold outside. I have had my interior faucets dripping to try to avoid freezing! It was advised on the news. Last thing I need is a burst pipe! I do not even know where the turnoff is.I attempted to take photos of the snowflakes on my deck handrail but they are not great. You can see a bit of the details. I do not have a macro lens so did the best I could.
I like the way my outdoor mat looked with just a little snow on it. Now it is buried!
My yoga cats in the garden.

I tried to get a shot of the snow falling but not easy!
Here is the hand bird feeder filled with snow, and one of my metal art pieces for outside covered with snow.
My neighbor across the street has a flag flying and I took this shot in the snow with the wind.
I just have to throw in this photo showing the sunset last night! Colorful!
Last but not least, one of my cats, Mooshoo, all warm and cozy inside!
Kala is, too, but she is under the bed near a vent.
It is almost 3:30 pm and the snow is still falling here in Oregon City, OR.


  1. Your snowflake photos are so cool. You got a lot of detail for not having a macro lens.

  2. Beautiful, but crippling. Sigh. Here we go again, Rose

  3. Lovely photos, Rose. Great sunset and I think you did amazingly well with the snowflakes. Alice

  4. I too find it hard to get a good picture of falling snow.It just doesn't show up really well.Stay warm and cozy in your house.

  5. I'm with you, Rose. We've had snow all week. Our road is ice. I'm tired of it. Oh well, I'll just look at your beautiful sunset.

  6. Your snowflake pictures are really neat. Mooshoo does look warm and comfy. That sunset photo is amazing, the colors beautiful.

    Stay warm, be well and have a nice January ~ FlowerLady

  7. Kala has the right idea. Curl up in bed and ignore it all!!

  8. Beautiful snow photos, Rose! The snowflake photos are amazing! I think your kitty-cats are very wise. Stay inside and cuddle up! xo K

  9. Lovely snow pics! That sunset has beautiful colors!!!

  10. The snowflakes pictures are beautiful. Stay warm!